Testing Capacitor-How to test a capacitor when breakdown under load.

Written by Jestine Yong

Have you ever come across power problem where once you switch onrepparttar power supply andrepparttar 151002 fuse blow? You have checked allrepparttar 151003 components inrepparttar 151004 power (primary) and secondary section and allrepparttar 151005 components seems to be ok! Where isrepparttar 151006 fault? A fuse blown are usually caused by a shorted bridge rectifier, defective posistor, power transistor or FET, shorted primary winding of switch mode power tranformer, shorted secondary diode and etc. But in this article i'm gone to show you another secret of electronic troubleshooting tips.

I got frustrated as to where isrepparttar 151007 cause of power problem. Everytime when i switch onrepparttar 151008 power supplyrepparttar 151009 fuse blow immediately (the fuse became dark color and this indicate that there is a major short circuit inrepparttar 151010 power supply). I have checked allrepparttar 151011 components inrepparttar 151012 power supply and can't findrepparttar 151013 culprit! What i do is i desoldered allrepparttar 151014 suspected parts one by one and replaced with a known good component. I eventually foundrepparttar 151015 caused ofrepparttar 151016 power supply problem. Guess what? It wasrepparttar 151017 main filter capacitor (220 microfarad 400 volt). After replacingrepparttar 151018 filter caprepparttar 151019 power supply worked perfectly fine. I begin my detective work to find out why this capacitor can causedrepparttar 151020 fuse to blow eventhough i already confirmed it ok with my meters.

The meters that i used to checkrepparttar 151021 filter cap were analog meter, digital capacitance meter and esr meter. In this article i will not explain about how to check capacitor or testing capacitor and how capacitor work. I believed most of you know how to check capacitors and also generally using this type of meters. Measured with analog it showed capacitor charging and discharge, with digital capacitor tester it showed around 220 microfarad and with esr meter it showed low esr reading!

Introducing Your Family to Solar Energy

Written by Jim Fritz

One ofrepparttar difficulties that solar and renewable energy have faced inrepparttar 151001 past is that it requires people to learn about it. People are busy and they are also reluctant to change and learn. It is much easier to get energy from traditional sources that seem to “magically” transfer power and electricity to homes throughrepparttar 151002 wires ofrepparttar 151003 electricity grid. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of problems with this entrenched attitude. We seem to hear almost daily about power blackouts and brownouts, along with warnings about dwindling energy supplies.

One way to begin to educate yourself and your children about energy and electricity is to purchase one of many different kinds of small solar energy systems. From solar toys to solar lights to portable solar panels, small solar electric systems make it easy to learn some ofrepparttar 151004 basics of energy. You can learn aboutrepparttar 151005 generation of energy and get an idea of how it is limited by certain factors. Your kids can use a small solar toy or solar energy kit to see directlyrepparttar 151006 relationship between energy generation and availability. From your solar light, you will learn that a sunlit day will makerepparttar 151007 light shine powerfully that evening. Conversely, you will notice a relationship between cloudy days and dimness or lack of light from your solar light. While a small portable solar panel provides energy for your boat or RV, it can also teachrepparttar 151008 need for energy storage (the battery) and conservation. Even a solar light gives you a micro-version of all electricity systems:repparttar 151009 panel generates energy,repparttar 151010 wires transfer it, a battery stores it andrepparttar 151011 light bulb uses it.

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