Test Your Search Engine IQ

Written by Dan Thies

The year 2001 saw dramatic changes inrepparttar search engine world. Major players have either folded or stopped crawlingrepparttar 128376 web, pay-per-click services like Goto/Overture have become much more prominent, and "theme-based indexing" has firmly taken root.

Website owners who don't understand what these changes mean for them are missing out on tremendous opportunities to boost their site's search engine traffic.

This little "Search Engine IQ Test" will help you find out how much of what you know about search engines is still true today.

1. Which search engine provides "web page" results for Yahoo? A - Altavista B - Excite C - Google D - FAST/AllTheWeb E - Inktomi

2. Which of these search engines uses "theme-based indexing?" A - Altavista B - Hotbot C - Google D - FAST/AllTheWeb E - All ofrepparttar 128377 above

3. Which search engines use META tags in ranking sites? A - Hotbot B - MSN C - Google D - FAST/AllTheWeb E - Altavista

4. Which ofrepparttar 128378 following search engines uses its own database of web sites to provide its primary results? A - MSN B - Hotbot C - Lycos D - Excite E - None ofrepparttar 128379 above

5. In order to achieve top search engine rankings, you must submit your site torepparttar 128380 major search engines: A - Once B - Every Day C - Every Week D - Every Month E - Every Year

6. True or False: Ranking inrepparttar 128381 top ten for your favorite search phrase means you'll get lots of traffic. A - True B - False

Answers: 1. C Google now provides "web page" matches for Yahoo!, which accounts for a good percentage ofrepparttar 128382 website referrals that come from Yahoo! These used to be provided by Inktomi.

2. E All of these major search engines now uses "themes" to rank and categorize websites. Failing to understand how themes affect ranking is one ofrepparttar 128383 biggest reasons websites rank poorly, or fail to get any search engine traffic at all.

Search Engines- the World’s Yellow Pages

Written by Jan Hordijk

Whatever your product is or your service offers, you need to show it torepparttar world in order to sell it. We all need advertising andrepparttar 128375 more,repparttar 128376 better. But how to reach all those potential customers?

Conservative estimates indicate there are at least 70 Million(!!) Internet users online today and over 100.000 new websites being created each month.

Over 90% of all Internet users will use a Search Engine to findrepparttar 128377 product or service they are looking for. Once your website can be found in Search Engines, your exposure is second to none.

And do you need to worry about getting intorepparttar 128378 top 10 with every Search Engine? Not really; meta tag optimization is not costly and can greatly improve your ranking. As does linking andrepparttar 128379 use of well constructed doorway pages. Doorway pages are pages that have been developed to rank highly for a specific keyword or phrase. Butrepparttar 128380 most important thing of all is: get listed!

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