Tenderizing Meat and Other Uses For Home Exercise Equipment

Written by Nick Nilsson

Almost everyone has bought home exercise equipment at some point in their life, be it a few rusty dumbells at a garage sale allrepparttar way to a complicated new home gym.

But how many people continue to use it consistently? Here are some uses (that you should never, ever actually take seriously, of course!) you may not have thought of for your forgotten purchases.

1. Dumbells - The original dark basement booby trap.

* Dumbells make great children’s toys. They are, of course, heavier and more dangerous than a barbie doll or Play-Doh (tm) and are not really as exciting as a video game but they certainly are cheap and hard to break.

* Tenderizing meat - bashrepparttar 118285 meat withrepparttar 118286 dumbell repeatedly. Great shoulder and arm exercise too! May increaserepparttar 118287 iron content of your food significantly.

* Bowling - set them on end and use them as pins. You will need a really heavy ball for this.

2. Ab Rollers - These arerepparttar 118288 abdominal training devices that feature a head rest attached to a frame that you set your arms on so you can rock, rock, rock your way to six-pack abs.

* Roll cage for a toboggan - forrepparttar 118289 safety-minded parent. Protect your child fromrepparttar 118290 heartbreak of a rollover accident onrepparttar 118291 sled hill by having him or her carry this while going down. Nevermind that they won’t be able steer because they’re holding ontorepparttar 118292 thing...

* Tenderizing meat - layrepparttar 118293 meat down belowrepparttar 118294 head rest and rock violently back and forth on top of it.

* Baby toy hanger - nothing good on tv? Hook some old christmas tree ornaments fromrepparttar 118295 top crossbar and set your baby underneath. You’ll both be amused for hours!

3. Thighmaster (tm) - popularized by Suzanne Somers, no closet is complete without this device. You simply set it between your legs and squeeze!

* Keeps doors closed - jam it inrepparttar 118296 corner behind a door. When you openrepparttar 118297 door, it squeezesrepparttar 118298 spring. When you releaserepparttar 118299 door,repparttar 118300 stored tension closesrepparttar 118301 door automatically behind you! At 40 miles per hour!!!

* Tenderizing meat - setrepparttar 118302 meat onrepparttar 118303 counter, squeezerepparttar 118304 Thighmaster shut with your hands then releaserepparttar 118305 spring on top ofrepparttar 118306 meat like a bear trap.

4. The Ab-Doer (tm) - This isrepparttar 118307 chair-like ab training device that resembles a chair with no back.

Cracked Up Glossary Of Common Gym Terms

Written by Nick Nilsson

If you’ve ever had occasion to visit a gym, you’ve no doubt heard people talking about "feelingrepparttar burn" and "pumping up." But did you ever wonder what people were really saying? Here are some common terms and phrases that will help you to learn what is really going on inrepparttar 118284 gym.

1. In The Zone - Tired and incoherent during a workout. Commonly described out ofrepparttar 118285 gym as "spaced out."

2. Extended Warm-Up - 20 minutes at low tension onrepparttar 118286 stationary bike then 20 minutes of casual stretching then a shower.

3. "Just One More Rep" - Said to a spotter during a set. Really means: "Liftrepparttar 118287 weight for me."

4. Forced Reps - Forrepparttar 118288 reluctant exerciser, every single rep of a workout is a forced rep. This is especially true when they have a mean trainer.

5. Hack Squat - The position a cat gets into when he’s coughing up a hairball, commonly mistaken as a leg exercise.

6. "Can I work in with you?" - Translation: "Can I remove all your weights and sweat all over your bench?"

7. Drop Sets - What sometimes happens after doing a hard set of dumbell bench presses. A triple drop set occurs when you drop two dumbells and yourself torepparttar 118289 floor.

8. Bulking Up - Name forrepparttar 118290 phase during which an otherwise healthy trainer will try to get bigger and fatter on purpose.

9. "I’m maxing out" - Translation: "I was going for 6 reps but I put too much weight onrepparttar 118291 bar and only got 1."

10. Cool-down - Sit on a bench and drink from a water bottle while talking about how much more you’ll lift next time.

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