Ten reasons why you MUST Advertise.

Written by Zoran Karapancev

In today’s world of high competition, advertising and publicity are one ofrepparttar most important tools designed to give customers an incentive to buy products or services within a specific period of time. The average American is now exposed to over 3000 advertising messages a day. Add it all up and you have nearly 50 trillion doses of advertising released intorepparttar 136249 environment each year. And where is your business in this crowded picture? With this special report we will show you how you can overcomerepparttar 136250 two biggest obstacles in your business - getting noticed and producing profits - without paying for it! You will increase public awareness for your products or services, attract attention of potential investors and stand out fromrepparttar 136251 crowd gettingrepparttar 136252 competitive edge you need.


Building Community Websites = Success Online

Written by Martin Lemieux

Building Community Websites = Success Online: By: Martin Lemieux


In this article I will discuss how important is it to build community websites rather than straight forward sales pitches. Selling online is about bringing people together, not about stuffing products down your visitors throwts and expecting them to buy from you.


We have conditioned our minds all of our lives to accept advertising billboards, radio ads, newspaper ads, commercials, and all sorts of other advertising materials wherever we go. The same applies onrepparttar internet. This "conditioning" has enabled us to see past allrepparttar 136227 ads and look directly forrepparttar 136228 pertinant information that we are seeking.

People who are new torepparttar 136229 internet are more likely to click on your ads for no apparent reason but to simply search and keep searching. Others that have beed online for years now, tend not to pay attention to as many ads on a daily basis like they used to.

If you are serious about making money online without having to spend too much of your budget, create a "community online". It is in our nature as human beings to want to belong, or to be involved within a community setting. Communities come in all shapes & sizes and are not limited to gender, race, nationality, or religion. A community can cater to whatever topic you wish and welcome whomever you desire.

Same concept applies to your website!

Building a community within your website isrepparttar 136230 key to increasing your business, keeping visitors coming back, and keeping your advertising budget inrepparttar 136231 bank. Show your visitors that you aren't just here onrepparttar 136232 internet to sell them something. For example, we (Smartads), we are here to teach what we know about internet marketing. By teaching, we too learn more, gain more business, and attract new visitors.


As i've always mentioned to my clients & readers, getting people to your website isrepparttar 136233 easy part. Anyone with a $500 credit card can get traffic to their website, it's keeping them there and getting your visitors to come back on their own time is what makes owning a website a dificult proposition.

Visitors always come back to communities they can relate to!

I always to go back to internet marketing communities online like:

www.webpronews.com www.sitepronews.com www.searchenginewatch.com

and so on... There are many internet marketing resources available for business owners. We are fortunate to have access torepparttar 136234 vast amount of resources that we do, in order to increase our business & to increase our knowledge.

More resources online also increases competition. There are literally millions of websites out there and many of them might possibly be your competitors. Without building a community, people won't remember who you are, or what it is that you do. Infact, if you are spending all of your money on banner ads, pay per click advertising, affiliates, and other marketing areas online, and atrepparttar 136235 same time you aren't paying attention to increasing your home base, when your advertising budget runs out so too willrepparttar 136236 bulk of your traffic.

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