Ten great careers that don’t require a four year degree.

Written by Max Stein

One ofrepparttar great myths associated withrepparttar 109344 “American Dream” is that you need to have a four-year college degree to be successful. Asrepparttar 109345 economy has shifted torepparttar 109346 information age, with a greater reliance on technology and services, this belief applies less and less. The new economy relies on technology more than any time inrepparttar 109347 past. In fact 70% of existing jobs require specific technical knowledge and this technology is being applied in newly created industries like biometrics, homeland security, nanotechnology and reusable energy.

Eighty percent of existing jobs don’t require a four-year degree, while only 25% of students who begin college actually graduate. Of those who do graduate, 30% don’t get a job that actually requires a degree!

The solution to these issues for many graduating

Keep Preschoolers Cool about School

Written by Jane Lake

Keep Preschoolers Cool about School

The first day of school is a momentous occasion for parent and child. Excitement, tinged with uncertainty, fillsrepparttar weeks before September. Anxious mothers coax awkward five-year-old fingers to tie shoelaces (or give up and buy sneakers with Velcro), while proud fathers urge their children to write their own names or reciterepparttar 109343 alphabet.

It used to be that children enteringrepparttar 109344 school system were expected to have mastered certain skills before arriving, but times have changed, according to Marilyn Philbrick, a primary education co-coordinator for a large, progressive school board. “We recognize that children develop at different rates, and there are no skills as such that we insist a child learn before entering kindergarten. What we like to see is a child who has confidence and a positive attitude.”

Still, starting school marks a child’s first step intorepparttar 109345 world outsiderepparttar 109346 family. There are changes and challenges to face. It’s a rare parent or child who can “let go” without some pain. To easerepparttar 109347 transition from home or nursery school to kindergarten, practice these strategies during summer:

• Talk about school. First-day jitters are common, but being frightened may be more manageable if you encourage your child to express his or her feelings.

• Read about school or help your child to “play school” with you or with friends.

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