Ten Ways to Get Cheap (and Free) Magazine Samples

Written by Pamela White

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1 - Join a reading or writing group. Ask members to bring in their already-read magazines and have an exchange. Dorepparttar 137517 same with interest groups you belong to or know about - playgroups (parenting, home, cooking, family mags), business networking groups (entrepreneurs, home business, finances magazines), church (religious, devotional periodicals).

2 - Offer to take a friend torepparttar 137518 doctor’s office. Okay, that sounds goofy but I love taking my children torepparttar 137519 orthodontist, pediatrician, and dentist offices so I can scanrepparttar 137520 table of contents and skimrepparttar 137521 articles inrepparttar 137522 parenting, children’s, family, travel and money magazines. I bring a notepad and take plenty of notes. Find an article in an old magazine that would help your research? Askrepparttar 137523 office to make a copy of it; offer to pay.

3 - Subscribe. Remember if you subscribe to a magazine that is for business purposes, you can deductrepparttar 137524 cost ofrepparttar 137525 subscriptions if you itemize your taxes. I am a food writer so I keep all receipts for food and writing magazines, and food and writing books to deduct as business expenses.

4 - Take up publishers on their free copy offers. It used to be that all magazines would let your send in a postcard and checkrepparttar 137526 "bill me" square and you will end up with two or three issues before they cut you off for not paying. These days, we cannot even be inadvertently dishonest. I get mailings from magazines offering me one free issue. I will send inrepparttar 137527 postcard and usually have a bill to pay before I have readrepparttar 137528 free issue. I then can decide to subscribe or putrepparttar 137529 bill inrepparttar 137530 postage paid envelope and decline to pay.

Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part II

Written by David D. Deprice

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