Ten Ways to Blow It in a Relationship

Written by Rinatta Paries

What do you do when you've attracted a lovely person into your life and now you're terrified you're going to blow it? Or, terrified it's going to end?

Arm yourself withrepparttar following strategies, and you're sure to blow it in a relationship right fromrepparttar 101864 start.

1. Assumerepparttar 101865 person is your soul mate immediately upon meeting or shortly thereafter. Look for signs that faith has brought you together and be amazed byrepparttar 101866 correlations in your lives.

2. Forget about your life, your friends, your self-care. When you have a soul mate, why would you need a life outside ofrepparttar 101867 relationship?

3. Reveal everything, and test your partner with your worst behavior. Let it all hang out. After all, if this is truly your soul mate, he or she will love you no matter what.

4. Have sex right away. If you are meant to be together for a lifetime, you might as well get started onrepparttar 101868 fun part right away.

5. Ignore anything about your partner that does not mesh with your values, lifestyle, or belief system. True love can conquer such insignificant differences.

6. Do lots of drama together. Job, family, and life crises are great ways to establish a relationship and test whether or not you are meant to be together.

7. Spend as much time together as possible. When it's true love, you can't bear to let your partner out of your sight.

8. Ignore behavior that crosses your boundaries or hurts your feelings. It's true love, so it's ok.

Recipe for a Healthy Relationship

Written by Alina Ruigrok - www.love-sessions.com

First off, it is important to ask yourself what you consider a real relationship to be. You need to understand what your needs and desires are from another person, and what you are willing to give them. This way, you can see early in your first dates, if you wish to continue and work towards a future together, and ifrepparttar other person feelsrepparttar 101863 same of course (both sides count).

Once you have decided to have an official relationship, you both need to remember what broughtrepparttar 101864 two of you together inrepparttar 101865 first place. For instance, what attracted you to each other both physically and emotionally? What do you admire about his or her personality? This will help not takingrepparttar 101866 other for granted, which can often happen after two people have been together for a long time. This does not meanrepparttar 101867 love is fading, but it does mean that there is lack of effort. People tend to get lazy after a while, because they feel comfortable and safe. This problem can be solved when both people are willing to makerepparttar 101868 time and effort.

Everyone is independent in their own beliefs and ideas about things, so never expect a person to always see things your way. However, it is important to have similar expectations out of a relationship, if you wish to avoid frequent arguments. Look for things like whether or not it is important forrepparttar 101869 both of you to see each other everyday, or have sex often. While seeing each other on a daily basis seems wonderful and healthy to some people, others may feel smothered and need space to have some alone time. Or if sex is onrepparttar 101870 top of your list, but is not on your partners, you might want to consider that, unless you do not mind waiting or taking care of yourself once in a while…depending on how long you have to wait!

Patience is one ofrepparttar 101871 main keys to a healthy relationship. There are times when our partner will not respond in a way in which is pleasing to us, but this does not mean we have to take it so seriously or personally. Always slow down, take a deep breath and think of reasons why your partner may be acting a certain way. Assuming and jumping to conclusions is always an unhealthy step to take because it shows your partner that they are not entitled to act freely and they feel attacked, not to mention it shows that you automatically assumerepparttar 101872 worst of them. Give your partner some time and let them know that you will be there for them when they are ready to talk. No matter whatrepparttar 101873 situation may be, patience is golden in a relationship, unless your partner never wants to discuss matters with you (which would mean you need counseling or leaverepparttar 101874 relationship).

Honesty is also atrepparttar 101875 top of everyone’s list when it comes to what people want out of a relationship. A person needs to know that they can trust their mate because it builds a zone of safety and comfortableness around them. They need to know that they can at least rely on their loving partner to tell themrepparttar 101876 truth, no matter what. Being human means NOT being perfect, which means we will make mistakes. Now, we should not let that fact lead us to making mistakes we already know are wrong ahead of time. If your partner deliberately makes mistakes or you knowingly make mistakes, it shows that you or your partner lacks respect and care forrepparttar 101877 other. This is unhealthy forrepparttar 101878 relationship. What is healthy however, is realizing thatrepparttar 101879 mistake you committed is a mistake. You or your partner need to know that what they did was wrong and they need to feelrepparttar 101880 sympathy for what they did. Once you or partner have realized this, you can then figure out a way of how you will confess your wrong doings torepparttar 101881 other.

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