Ten Ways To Get Free Web Site Traffic

Written by Steve Gillman

How many ways can you get free web site traffic? Who knows, but here are some to get you started. Hopefully there will be one or two ways here that you haven't yet tried.

1. Submit your web site to search engines. Don't wait for them to find you. You can automatically submit to 20 at freewebsubmission.com. You'll have to submit manually to Google (www.google.com/addurl.html).

2. Directories. Do a search for niche directories forrepparttar topic of your website. Just type in "directory + online games," or whatever your site is about. There are also many general directories that accept submissions for free. The primary value of directories is not direct traffic, however. It isrepparttar 147058 links that help your ranking (and therefore traffic) withrepparttar 147059 search engines.

3. Forums. A great source of traffic for some sites. Talk about things of interest to you, and get free traffic to your web site (always sign off with a link). You may want to link to subscription pages for newsletters or e-courses you offer, to get maximum repeat visits fromrepparttar 147060 traffic. 4. Free classifieds. There are many places that you can advertise for free, although few of them seem to be of any value. Test a little, and go withrepparttar 147061 ones that deliver.

T1 Internet Service

Written by Troy Sapp

In short T1 is a dedicated phone connection that supports data rates of 1.544M per second. T1 consists of 24 different channels, each supporting 54K per second. Each different T1 channel can be configured to carry voice or data traffic. Depending on your area and your phone company, they will allow you to buy some ofrepparttar different channels known as fractional T1 access. T1 service is a popular leased line for businesses that connect torepparttar 147029 Internet for Internet service that then connects torepparttar 147030 Internet backbone. T1 internet connections consist ofrepparttar 147031 local loop charge (the phone circuit that connects your location torepparttar 147032 Internet point of presence (POP) andrepparttar 147033 actual Internet bandwidth access port charge.

Now that we explainedrepparttar 147034 technical aspect to T1 service, now we can take a deeper look at T1 service and how it can help your business. The Internet has revolutionrepparttar 147035 way we do business and how we do business. Whether you are a large corporate entity or work for yourself from home,repparttar 147036 Internet has become a dedicated source for exchanging information all overrepparttar 147037 world, day or night, any day ofrepparttar 147038 week. With most businesses depending onrepparttar 147039 Internet as their sole source of communication that allows them to do business worldwide they are in need of reliable, faster speeds in which they accessrepparttar 147040 internet.

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