Ten Ways Not To Use Email

Written by Craig Hardee

Email is such a super tool! It has changedrepparttar way we communicate. I can easily stay in touch with people all overrepparttar 109711 world instantly by email, where a letter would take a long time and a phone call would be too expensive.

Sadly, this great tool can be abused. This ruinsrepparttar 109712 experience for all of us.

With that in mind, here are ten ways NOT to use email. Please stay away from these and keep emailrepparttar 109713 great communication tool that it is!

1. Do not spam. You've receivedrepparttar 109714 email offers that read, "Millions of email addresses" for a cheap price. It sounds good. But don't do it. Those people didn't give you permission to send emails to them. Do not spam.

Instead, build up a list of people who have given you permission to email them. You'll be better allrepparttar 109715 way around!

2. Do not flame. Flaming is responding to spam or an email in an angry manner.

For some,repparttar 109716 privacy of email becomesrepparttar 109717 opportunity to be much more rude than they would in person.

Don't stoop to such levels! If you have a problem with someone, discuss it with them in a calm, civilized manner, whether in person or through cyberspace.

3. Do not respond to spam. If you respond to spam, you are doing two things: a. You're lettingrepparttar 109718 spammer know that your email address is valid and you may receive more email. b. You're givingrepparttar 109719 spammer more reason to spam even more by responding.

Just say no, and hitrepparttar 109720 delete button.

4. Do not respond to flames. People will get angry at something and email everyone inrepparttar 109721 world to let them know how they feel.

I remember one time when a hacker hacked into a list that I was subscribed to, and sent a bunch of messages torepparttar 109722 group.

Well, a bunch ofrepparttar 109723 subscribers got angry and started sending their flames out torepparttar 109724 group, makingrepparttar 109725 problem that much worse. All of us ended up with hundreds of unwanted and duplicate emails.

You've got better things to do than that!

Email Marketing

Written by Dale Clark

Email isrepparttar basic communication tool used onrepparttar 109710 Internet! It isrepparttar 109711 most important tool available andrepparttar 109712 most efficient. You can literally send your message to anyone inrepparttar 109713 world in a matter of seconds. You can't do that anywhere else and at no cost. What'srepparttar 109714 cost of a letter sent throughrepparttar 109715 postal service? How long does it take to reach its destination?

Do you realizerepparttar 109716 power behind this tool?

You will be able to reach your prospects, clients and customers within seconds. It'srepparttar 109717 most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. You'll be issued an email address with your ISP and you can get a free email account right overrepparttar 109718 Internet. You need only learn how to use whatever email client you choose. I use my POP3 service basically as a personal address. I advertise using free email accounts, such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

Free Email Directory: http://www.emailaddresses.com/

You've set up your email accounts and now you want to advertise repparttar 109719 opportunity, product or service that you've chosen. You visitrepparttar 109720 classifieds and you place a few ads.

You then check your email for sales or inquiries. You've just takenrepparttar 109721 first step in your Internet Marketing Campaign!

You check your Inbox and hmmmm; lots of business! Guess What? You've been spammed! Don't despair, just delete! You've just takenrepparttar 109722 second step in your Marketing campaign, deleting spam!

Warning!! Email that is sent unsolicited is known as Spam!

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