Ten Useful Delaying Tactics

Written by Andy Walsh

Imaginerepparttar scene. You need to prepare a report that has to be with your bossrepparttar 102126 following day. It'srepparttar 102127 big one - if you impress him you're on your way up. The success you've craved is only a matter of a few hours away.

But then...

It starts...

Your mind begins to drift and you find other things to occupy your time. The following is a helpful list that will ensure that your report will be delayed and that you'll blow everything you've worked for. Remember, if you do allrepparttar 102128 things on this list, you'll NEVER suffer from executive stress (you'll never be an executive).

1. Start running Norton Anti Virus (or similar). Sit there and watch it work through all your files. Atrepparttar 102129 same time, you could use your Maintenance Wizard and defragment your disk. It's probably been a long time since you've done it so it'll waste a good chunk of time.

2. Check all your old emails. Reply to a few that you've neglected. Check your message rules and create a few new ones. Check out some of repparttar 102130 items onrepparttar 102131 menus that you've not read before.

3. Make coffee. Make lots of it. Invite friends over. Run out of coffee. Have to go torepparttar 102132 supermarket. Meet some more friends. Be invited out for lunch. Drink too much and come back home inrepparttar 102133 small hours ofrepparttar 102134 morning.

4. Look out ofrepparttar 102135 window. Notice things that you've never seen before. Countrepparttar 102136 number of leaves there are onrepparttar 102137 tree opposite.

5. Get online and surf. Find a good chat room. Talk to as many people about today's game as you can. Post a few messages on a message board. Find out what's going on in Boulder. Checkrepparttar 102138 CNN page. Develop an interest in World Politics.

6. Find that CD Tutorial you bought a few years back. 'How to Speak Spanish'. See if you can get further than ordering a beer in a bar.

From Angry To Loyal, All In One Understanding Minute

Written by Ken Lansford

An angry customer is one ofrepparttar most dreaded moments in business. Absolutely no business owner is immune to them no matter how hard they try. No matter how much they do. Human nature indicates that sooner or later a customer will get upset. Even downright angry. So what do you do?

It's one ofrepparttar 102125 toughest moments in business andrepparttar 102126 urge is to defend yourself. Fight back. However, one simple tool will show you that fighting back is notrepparttar 102127 answer. Fighting back fuelsrepparttar 102128 emotion and makes matters worse. The tool is understanding what lies underneathrepparttar 102129 anger. Any psychologist will tell you that anger is a secondary emotion. Scratch that away and you have only two choices. The real root ofrepparttar 102130 problem. Fear or hurt. That's it. Under all that attack and all those abusive words isrepparttar 102131 real root emotion of either fear or hurt.

Now if a friend came to you in tears, afraid or hurt, what would you do? How would you handle it? Would you pour salt onrepparttar 102132 wound? Would you fight back? Of course not. Compassion dictates that you listen attentively to their feelings and validate them. They might not be right, but at this point in time they need to be heard, to be validated. If you can keeprepparttar 102133 real emotion in mind, then you realize that it's not a fight, it's a plea. In this way you can handle yourself professionally and with a caring manner. This technique helps you understand that it's personal only to them, no matter what they say. However, you may have to postrepparttar 102134 words Hurt Or Afraid on your computer monitor to remember.

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