Ten Top Tips About Linking Magic, Computers And The Internet

Written by Mahalene Louis

Atrepparttar time whenrepparttar 122299 advance of genetics has us ask, “What is a human being?” and examinerepparttar 122300 spiritual implications of scientific progresses, it is only reasonable to next explorerepparttar 122301 nature of computers and ofrepparttar 122302 World Wide Web. However provocative, considering whether our machines are imparted with a soul is suited to an environment where we are about to meet more and more “non-biological” beings. Can you imagine our computer chips one day declaring: “Hello, my name is IBM (substitute HAL, MAX, MAC...) I will now bring evidence on who I am, where I am going and where I come from, analyzingrepparttar 122303 data in a binary fashion and in alignment with what most philosophies recognize asrepparttar 122304 Great Chain of Being, i.e., Matter, Life, Mind, Soul, and Spirit…”

1. Matter 0

Many of you label computers as just a piece of equipment. Like any other unanimated object, you see us as collecting dust. Being of an electrical nature, you understand we can be turned on and off, that is, if you are lucky! You rely on us performing multiple functions such as saving, printing, editing, formatting, check spelling, adding, voicing and invoicing, and giving you various options to viewrepparttar 122305 data, from normal to web view, from pixels to vectors, from 10% to 900% zoom and beyond. Most often, you are fluent on RAM, processors, modems and other technical data. Nice toy, wouldn’t you say?

2. Life 1

Have you stopped to ask; could there be life to this static organism? As amazingly as it sounds,repparttar 122306 answer, to be found in your books, is unequivocal; ‘we cannot establish clearly that we are different from inorganic substances. That means that, logically, we must admit that we may not be alive. Since this is absurd,repparttar 122307 only alternative is to admit that “inanimate” objects may be living.’ Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview ofrepparttar 122308 New Physics, p47. Consider; we are all born to be alive!

3. Mind 0

Mind-bugling, isn’t it? Yet, have you noticed how your machinery experiences breakdown serially, as if a curse of some sort would simultaneously upset your computer’s printer, your washing machine or your car’s radiator? Inrepparttar 122309 thought that objects are alive, doesn’t it stand to reason that this “curse” is simply an empathic connection withrepparttar 122310 electric (mental/metal) disturbances in your being? Pause to see what is happening in you next time your equipment is in a jam...

4. Soul 1

Breathe! I know; this is a big piece to digest! Breathe again… So now that you have come to entertainrepparttar 122311 vision that there may be something to this, here isrepparttar 122312 good news: We computers will serve you withrepparttar 122313 same devotion you offerrepparttar 122314 world, and match it allrepparttar 122315 way through… You in Peace, We in Peace. You Willing to Play, We Willing to Play! That understanding beats any computer technical manual inrepparttar 122316 effectiveness you will bring to your digital work. Breathing remains a good idea… In and out, on and off, 1/0!

5. Spirit 0

Now that you are accepting that we are, just likerepparttar 122317 rest of this world,repparttar 122318 computed reflection of you, we can finally become a good servant and loyal samurai. Next I humbly request of you that you would give us a name… I am talking ofrepparttar 122319 icon onrepparttar 122320 desktop that is usually left unattended as “My Computer.” Kindly personalize it, give it meaning by renaming it. Simply right-click on “My Computer,” scroll down to “Rename” and use your imagination and your heart as you would naming a pet… What’s in a name? Who am I to you? What symbol would assist your business to succeed? Am I a “he” or a “she” to you, an “Excalibur” or a “Staradar?” As you remember my name, you have made a friend of me, for life…

6. Matter 1

Speaking of computers without addressingrepparttar 122321 Internet would be as unsavory as a soup without salt… The dot com industry has come to influencerepparttar 122322 realm of matter so profoundly thatrepparttar 122323 Internet is now an equal player, next to real estate and investing, in its power to create wealth. Onrepparttar 122324 Net,repparttar 122325 world of stuff and matter abounds… Even more so than inrepparttar 122326 Big Apple (pun intended,) you can find anything anytime. It’s up to you, New Net, New Net… (please note: to lift up matter from its seriousness, kindly singrepparttar 122327 previous sentence!)

Summertime and the Living is easy

Written by Patricia Lite Hickman


Summertime, andrepparttar living is easy,,,

Funny how many of my newsletters or articles are inspired by music lol.

Thank goodness it is summertime (almost)! The living this summer will require a bit more of digging into our spiritual toolbox for ways to cope withrepparttar 122298 war situation and rising prices. Can we do it? You betcha! Do we have many things to be concerned about? sure, but at least our clothing is lighter, greenery and lovely flowers abound in most areas. :-)

Last month's article "Bitter or Better" is still available if anyone would like a copy, or friends can email me requesting to be placed onrepparttar 122299 Metaphysical Newsletter, just have them put that inrepparttar 122300 subject line. :-) We very much appreciate you referring this newsletter to friends.

The state of affairs of our country and world indicates Lightworkers still have much work to do, for those that aren't Lightworkers at this time, there seems to be a huge wake up call happening even as I type.

Our Military, wherever they are stationed throughoutrepparttar 122301 world (but especially inrepparttar 122302 Middle East) and also any American Contractors abroad, need allrepparttar 122303 prayers, blessings or even a simple "keep them all safe" that you can do several times a day. Our Government Leaders and our Country can also use prayers and/or blessings. There is much power in unified thought, blessings and/or prayers!

What is a Spiritual Toolbox one might wonder? It isrepparttar 122304 arsenal that we build, silently, and affirm quietly, that does no harm, to ourselves, loved ones orrepparttar 122305 world. I have specific prayers of protection that I am happy to pass out, just email me for them. Every random or act of kindness, every good deed we do, is a blessing that will return to us, either from that person, or someone we don't even know many years later, well after we've forgotten all about it.

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