Ten Tips for Building an Ecom Web Site

Written by June Campbell

You've implemented online sales, now how to convincerepparttar customer to buy? Here are nine tips for building a site that encourages rather than discourages online shopping.

10.Design for your target market. Find out who your potential customers are and why they come to your site. Use surveys, focus groups or usability studies to discover their preferences, patterns and requirements.

9. Identify your goals forrepparttar 134748 site and introduce content accordingly. One Internet marketer tellsrepparttar 134749 story of erroneously marketing an automotive book as an aid to car repair whenrepparttar 134750 real market for his publication was new car buyers.

8. Avoid using offline marketing material onrepparttar 134751 Web. Print material requires modification before it's suitable for web viewing.

7. Engagerepparttar 134752 viewer with dynamic environments. Chat features, forums, solicited feedback, and database delivery of custom content go a long way.

6. Provide good navigational structure, including search capabilities for larger sites. Allow your viewers to navigate easily no matter where they entered your site. Free your sales area of links to other Internet sites. Why encourage customers to leave when you've worked so hard to attract them?

5. Testrepparttar 134753 interface. A Website interface should enhancerepparttar 134754 user's goals, not distract from them. Strive to meld site components (i.e. graphics, text, sound, etc.) to create a unique atmosphere and identity.

You Have A Beautiful Body - Don't Hold It Against Me

Written by Martin Avis

You have built a great fast-loading web site. Your gifs and jpgs are optimized to their tiniest proportions. Your initial headline is perfect and all navigation bars and buttons are clear and accessible. So what else can go wrong?

Your visitors start to read.

Within two lines they are bored to tears and click away. Your body copy stinks.

Your web site is an advertisement. Whatever its purpose, a web site is selling something:

o Selling you o Selling product o Selling an idea or concept o Selling a dream

Take a look inrepparttar paper, or a magazine. Which ads do you read? The ones that engage you. The ones that intrigue you, or excite you, or interest you.

The headline is likerepparttar 134747 book's cover - it draws them in. The body copy is what makes them stay and buy in to whatever it is you are selling.

Body copy must be

- Personal - Friendly - Accessible - Torepparttar 134748 point - Easy to read - Benefit driven - Empathetic - Convincing - Persuasive

Take a look at a few ofrepparttar 134749 sites run by big Internet marketing names - Marlon Sanders, Cory Rudl, Ken Evoy for example - and you will see how body copy should be written.

Do you need to be a world-class copywriter? Well yes. But that isn't so hard. Here's how.

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