Ten Tips For Hiring A Contractor

Written by Steve Gillman

First in iran, but nowrepparttar whole world is crazy about carpets and rugs of all sorts, some using them as makeshift beds too.


A very smart attorney I know paid $7,000 for a roof repair, only to haverepparttar 146536 roof leakrepparttar 146537 next time it rained. The contractor stalled, made excuses, but never did a thing about it. Anyone can have these kinds of problems when having repairs or improvements done, but to make it less likely, avoidrepparttar 146538 folowing mistakes when hiring a contractor.

1. Not knowing what you want. If you don't know what you want, you might not like what you get. Also, if you change your mind and changerepparttar 146539 job halfway through,repparttar 146540 contract - and price - have changed (Hint: it won't get cheaper). Know clearly what you want done.

2. Not getting everything in writing. You don't want to hear, "I didn't say I was going to includerepparttar 146541 gutters."

3. Not having dates inrepparttar 146542 contract. Did you want it finished this year? You better have it inrepparttar 146543 contract.

4. Paying too much up front. A deposit may be a reasonable request whenrepparttar 146544 contract is signed, and money for materials prior torepparttar 146545 start date. Never pay in full beforerepparttar 146546 job is finished.

5. Hiring unlicensed contractors. Actually, this can be okay, if you know what you are doing (and he does). The license doesn't mean you get expertise, but it does mean you get leverage. A contractor will right his wrongs to avoid losing that license. 6. Hiringrepparttar 146547 first one inrepparttar 146548 phone book. Ask friends who had work done, orrepparttar 146549 owner of a hardware store. Find a recommendation based on a similar job to yours.

Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Written by Steven Cooper

In bathroom terms at least, bigger doesn't have to be better Ė Itís all just a case of makingrepparttar most ofrepparttar 146485 modest proportions youíre presented with! And what's more, designing a bathroom thatís small on space usage but big on style and functionality should be a lot more fun.

The Click Bathrooms guide to maximising a modest bathroom follows three simple principlesÖ

1 - Make it seem bigger

A great way of tackling a bathroom with limited dimensions is by creatingrepparttar 146486 illusion of space. First and foremost, aim to colour your walls in lighter shades such as whites, creams and pastels, thereby avoidingrepparttar 146487 darker colours that dramatically reducerepparttar 146488 sense of space inside a small room.

Good lighting is also a vital tool in expandingrepparttar 146489 look of your bathroom. By illuminating areas that are prone to shadows with strong directional lights youíll find thatrepparttar 146490 room opens up even further.

Finally, attempt to generate a feeling of space throughrepparttar 146491 clever use of mirrors, which positioned correctly can literally make a room appear to double in size. For maximum effect, adornrepparttar 146492 back wall ofrepparttar 146493 room with one or more large mirrors, or a number of smaller mirrored tiles.

2 - Utilise hidden or difficult spaces

Time to get creative and think outsiderepparttar 146494 box; can you utilise space that isnít immediately visible? Start atrepparttar 146495 bottom by identifying any available low-level spaces - under bath storage is a great way to keep towels and toiletries out of sight for a start. If youíre struggling to free up low-level space, wall hung ceramic ware can provide vital extra ground room.

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