Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 9: Monitoring

Written by Dave Davies

Welcome to part nine in this search engine positioning series. Last week we discussedrepparttar important topic of link building. In part nine we will be coveringrepparttar 128085 monitoring andrepparttar 128086 various areas you should consider and tools you may want to use.

While this area isn't directly related to attaining higher rankings it is definitely equally important. Once you've got good rankings your competitors are going to work to beat you out. You have to keep on top of it to insure you maintain your top positions.

Over this series we will coverrepparttar 128087 ten key aspects to a solid search engine positioning campaign.

The Ten Steps We Will Go Through Are:

  1. Keyword Selection
  2. Content Creation
  3. Site Structure
  4. Optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Human Testing
  7. Submissions
  8. Link Building
  9. Monitoring
  10. The Extras

Step Nine - Monitoring

After days, weeks, or perhaps even months of researching, optimizing, proofing and link building you've got your website intorepparttar 128088 top positions. First thing's first: congratulations! It's no easy task to get your site where you got it and you deserve a break. Take a week off and don't look at your site, atrepparttar 128089 very least this'll let you come back at it again with fresher eyes - at best it'll give you time to spend with those who missed you during your obsession with your site and rankings. But don't take too long ... your competition is right on your heals.

As important asrepparttar 128090 first eight steps were to getting yourepparttar 128091 rankings, so to is this step that will help you keep those rankings. There are three basic yet critical steps torepparttar 128092 monitoring process. They are:

  1. Monitoring your rankings
  2. Monitoring links
  3. Monitoring changes inrepparttar 128093 search engine environment

Monitoring Your Rankings

There are a number of ways that you can monitor your rankings. You can runrepparttar 128094 searches manually, you can use software to check your rankings or you can use online services to check your rankings. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Checking Manually

Advantage - You will be able to visually confirmrepparttar 128095 results and also you will remain in full compliance withrepparttar 128096 search engine's rules governing use of their systems includingrepparttar 128097 use of automated rank-checking software.

Disadvantage - This method for checking rankings can be extremely time consuming is checking for multiple phrases across multiple engines. If you are targeting 20 phrases and want to check your rankings acrossrepparttar 128098 top ten engines and know when you're places as far down as position 50 you will have to check up to 1000 different pages for your site.

Rank-checking Software Advantage - This method for checking your rankings is extremely efficient. With software such as WebPosition Gold you simply enterrepparttar 128099 keywords you are targeting,repparttar 128100 engines you want to check for results on, and how deep you want it to go. After that it's a matter of runningrepparttar 128101 program and doing some other work or grab a coffee while you awaitrepparttar 128102 results.

Disadvantage - This software often violatesrepparttar 128103 search engines rules regardingrepparttar 128104 use of their systems by running a large number of searches. If you are going to use this type of software please setrepparttar 128105 software to run courteously (a setting you will find inrepparttar 128106 options) and register for Google's Web API which will allow you to legitimately run 1000 automated queries per day.

Online Services Advantage - It is much faster than checking manually and doesn't haverepparttar 128107 cost associated with it that software does. An example of an online rank checking tool can be found at http://www.mikes-marketing-tools.com/ranking-reports/. Disadvantage - It is still far more time consuming than automated software and over a few months you will have made uprepparttar 128108 money spent onrepparttar 128109 software in time saved by using it. Also, I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to entering detailed info regarding my SEO sites and targeted keywords. I'm not a fan of anything that requires me to give my targeted phrases and URL to another marketing site. But maybe that's just me.

Monitoring Links

Monitoring your links is equally important to attaining them. When you were first starting your SEO and link-building you probably checked to see how many links your main competitors had and built more. So what makes you think they haven't been building more links since then.

It's a good practice to schedule weekly checks of how many backlinks you have detected byrepparttar 128110 major search engines and also check to see how many your main competitors have. If you documentrepparttar 128111 results on an ongoing basis you will be able to note whether theirs are growing or not.

While you should always be generating more inbound links for your site whether you see your competitors doing so or not, knowing when they are and where they are can give you a solid advantage in reacting to this new threat. Remember, as hard as you worked for your positioning, so too with others.

There are software and online services to check for links howeverrepparttar 128112 only one I would recommend has nothing to do with its link number abilities. As noted in previous articles, Top Optimizer Pro isrepparttar 128113 link-building tool I would most highly recommend. On top of giving yourepparttar 128114 number of links your competitors have it will tell you whatrepparttar 128115 anchor text is, whatrepparttar 128116 PageRank is of those links, and more. It will even help you find link partners.

Monitoring Changes In The Search Environment

The last thing you will have to monitor is for changes withrepparttar 128117 search engines themselves. First of all, with changes such as MSN's upcoming shift from providing results based on Inktomi to providing their own results, you will want to know when this happens and what to expect when it does. Additionally, you will want to know when changes are occurring inrepparttar 128118 search engine algorithms, when major ones take place, and what those changes are.

This is why there are full-time SEOs. To monitor all of these things can be very time-consuming however assuming that you haverepparttar 128119 time and inclination here are some resources to help you keep on top if it all:


New Year's Resolutions: Is Improving Your Website One of Them?

Written by Nardo Kuitert and Aimee Cremasco

Withrepparttar New Year upon us yet again, it's time to prepare forrepparttar 128084 successes of 2005. Did you watch with envy last year as your competitors dominated your industry? Do you think your site is doing just fine because no one has ever called to complain? Well here's some food for thought: 96% of all prospects will click over to your competitor if they encounter a problem on your website.

While you're resolving to get fit, quit smoking and pay off some debts, we're offering up some New Year's resolutions for your business. Learn how to ethically kick your online competitors torepparttar 128085 curb!

Resolve to...

...Make Content & Relevancy a Top Priority It is, after all,repparttar 128086 information highway. People searchrepparttar 128087 Web for information-so giverepparttar 128088 people what they want. If you want to generate qualified leads and produce more sales, then continually updating your website with new and useful content must be atrepparttar 128089 top of your priority list.

Search engines seek out relevant, up-to-date information when they rank sites for specific keywords and phrases. If you don't have timely informative content, you won't get a good ranking; and without a good ranking, prospects can't find you. But that's justrepparttar 128090 beginning of your online demise. Even if you manage to achieve a good ranking onrepparttar 128091 search engine results pages (SERPs), your content must intrigue visitors to return to your site regularly.

Studies reveal that online consumers take several passes at a website before making a purchase.

Website maintenance is time-consuming and it's easy to put unpaid man-hours onrepparttar 128092 back burner. But why would potential customers revisit your site ifrepparttar 128093 last archived newsletter were dated two years ago? Or if your "Coming Events" page lists tradeshows held six months ago? They won't-they'll likely skip over torepparttar 128094 competition in search of up-to-date information.

... Increase Your Site's Visibility & Improve its Performance Once your website is updated (forrepparttar 128095 time being) with informative content,repparttar 128096 next step is to implement some SEO solutions to gain higher search rankings. The purpose of these SEO techniques is twofold:

1. Create Awareness: Carefully selected keywords and phrases, worked seamlessly throughout your copy and in meta tags, will help your site gain higher placements in SERPs. 2. Increase Sales: Once prospects are on your site, savvy marketing writers will have usedrepparttar 128097 power of persuasion inrepparttar 128098 copy to turn first-time visitors into loyal customers.

...Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI) We cannot stress this enough ... in order for your website to be extremely effective, achieving an astounding ROI, you must have a detailed plan:

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