Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 3: Site Structure

Written by Mary Davies

Welcome to part three in this search engine positioning series. Last week we discussedrepparttar importance and considerations that much be made while creatingrepparttar 128097 content that will providerepparttar 128098 highest ROI for your optimization efforts. In part three we will discussrepparttar 128099 importance of site structure.

While there are numerous factors involved withrepparttar 128100 search engine algorithms, site structure is certainly of constant importance. Cleaner structure that removes lines of code between your key content andrepparttar 128101 search engine spiders cna meanrepparttar 128102 difference detween second page and first page rankings.

Over this series we will coverrepparttar 128103 ten key aspects to a solid search engine positioning campaign.

The Ten Steps We Will Go Through Are:
  1. Keyword Selection
  2. Content
  3. Site Structure
  4. Optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Human Testing
  7. Submissions
  8. Link Building
  9. Monitoring
  10. The Extras

Step Three - Site Structure

Developingrepparttar 128104 structure of your website is a very important step in its overall optimization. The site structure will dictate howrepparttar 128105 spiders read your site, what information they gather, what content holdsrepparttar 128106 most weight, how much useless code they must weed through and more. You must structure your website to appeal torepparttar 128107 visitor andrepparttar 128108 spiders.

When developing your website you want to be sure not to create useless code that can confuse spiders and take away fromrepparttar 128109 content of your site. When developing your site I recommend hand coding asrepparttar 128110 best option however not everyone hasrepparttar 128111 time orrepparttar 128112 skill to do this so I would suggest Dreamweaver as a great option. (Thoughrepparttar 128113 code will not be as clean as hand coding it does not create an overrepparttar 128114 top amount of extra code like programs such as Front Page do.) The object here is to keeprepparttar 128115 code as clean as possible! Rememberrepparttar 128116 more code you haverepparttar 128117 morerepparttar 128118 spiders must weed through to get to your content, where you want them to be.

A great way to cut down on extra code as well is to use style sheets. You can use style sheets in ways as simple as defining fonts or as advanced as creating tableless designs. There are many ways to use style sheets andrepparttar 128119 biggest perk to using them is to cut back onrepparttar 128120 code on any given individual page. When you are setting uprepparttar 128121 initial structure of your site you want to be sure thatrepparttar 128122 table structure is laid out in such a way thatrepparttar 128123 spiders can easily and as quickly as possible get torepparttar 128124 most important content.

A great way to attain this is to create your website usingrepparttar 128125 table structure outlined in my article "target="_blank">Table Structures For Top Search Engine Positioning". Whenrepparttar 128126 spiders visit your site they read through it top to bottom, left to right followingrepparttar 128127 rows and columns. The key torepparttar 128128 table structure outlined above isrepparttar 128129 little empty row. Were this row not thererepparttar 128130 spiders would read through that first column hitting nothing but images and Alt tags, your navigation, until it would then move ontorepparttar 128131 next column, your content area. Placing this empty cell inrepparttar 128132 first row ofrepparttar 128133 main table guidesrepparttar 128134 spiders directly to your content, they hitrepparttar 128135 empty row and with nothing to read move ontorepparttar 128136 next column torepparttar 128137 right, where you want them. After they have read your content they will then move back torepparttar 128138 left in row 2 and read your navigation images and Alt tags, finally they will endrepparttar 128139 page at your footer, a great place for keyword rich text links. (Internal linking structures will be covered in part 5 of this 10 part series.)

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