Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 2: Content Creation

Written by Dave Davies

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website

Step Two - Content Creation

Welcome to part two in this search engine optimization series. In part one we coveredrepparttar importance and tactics for choosingrepparttar 128100 keywords and keyword phrases that will providerepparttar 128101 highest ROI for your optimization efforts. In part two we will discuss how to properly write content for high search engine positioning.

Content isrepparttar 128102 key to search engine rankings. While there are numerous factors involved withrepparttar 128103 search engine algorithms, content remains a constant in stable rankings for a number of important reasons.

Over this series we will coverrepparttar 128104 ten key aspects to a solid search engine positioning campaign.

The Ten Steps We Will Go Through Are:

  1. Keyword Selection
  2. Content
  3. Site Structure
  4. Optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Human Testing
  7. Submissions
  8. Link Building
  9. Monitoring
  10. The Extras

Step Two - The Importance Of Content

There are many aspects of your content that are of key importance to your search engine rankings and for a variety of reasons. That said, they can be broken down into their three main benefits. The three main things you should be targeting with your content are:

  1. Unique and well-written. The search engine spiders are looking for unique content and your visitors are looking for well-written content.
  2. With articles come links.
  3. With quality content comes even more links.

As long as you keep these three main purposes in mind while you are deciding what you want on your website and how it should be worded, you will fill this area nicely.

Unique & Well-Written Content

The importance of unique and well written content cannot be overstated. This isrepparttar 128105 backbone and purpose of your website's existence and it deserves repparttar 128106 time it will take to create. When you are considering what content you want on your site (or what content should be on your site if this is part of SEO or a redesign) you will want to make a few considerations.

  1. What does your audience want to find?
  2. Will you have to do additional research?
  3. Are you an expert writer or do you have one on staff?

What Does Your Audience Want To Find?

Assessing your potential visitors wants does not require a crystal ball. If you have completed and spent quality hours on Step One of this series, fully researching your keywords, you are already well on your way. Delving into those keywords you will often find hints that will push you inrepparttar 128107 right direction.

If you have an acne site and you have found a number of people searching for "acne treatment" and "natural acne treatment" and have thus chosen these as your targeted keyword phrases you already understand your visitors current situation and more importantly, their desire. Similarly, if you are a real estate agent and have chosen "los angeles real estate" as your phrase you know more than simply characters strung together and dropped into a search box. You know that you are dealing with people wishing to purchase or sell a home in Los Angeles. In both scenarios you know what your visitors want and, assuming you are already successful in your industry, you know what you have to do to convert that desire into a client.

Now what has to be done is to create solid, compelling content that will both grab your visitor's attention and atrepparttar 128108 same time, make them want what you have to offer. This is notrepparttar 128109 same as selling to them when you haverepparttar 128110 opportunity to speak to them face-to-face. You are working withoutrepparttar 128111 benefit of watching their expressions, speaking to them about their objections, or even understanding whether they are looking for information for a friend or if it is they themselves who require your services.

This leaves you with a lot of room for content. Inrepparttar 128112 online environment you have to deal with every question before they ask it, and make every person feel that you can help them even though you've never met.

What does your audience want to find? They want to find a solution to their problem. How do you provide that? By supplying them answers torepparttar 128113 questions that they don't haverepparttar 128114 opportunity to ask and may not want to give you their email address to find out. FAQ pages are good but often used as sales pages, which is fine so long as you are still providing good content that your visitor isn't reading as "sales" but rather "solutions". Perhaps create pages of replies to emails you have received. Perhaps place a related "fact ofrepparttar 128115 day" on your homepage with a link to an archive of facts related to your industry, product and/or business. You might even want to add a blog to your site. Regardless, give your visitorrepparttar 128116 answers they're looking for and keep this information updated as you get new information and you will stand a much better chance of keeping that person surfing through your website. The longer you can keep them on your site,repparttar 128117 greaterrepparttar 128118 chance that you will build trust and once you've got that, you can help them with repparttar 128119 solution to their problem.

Will you have to do additional research?

For many business ownersrepparttar 128120 gut instinct to this question is"no". Of course not, you are an expert right? Well you may be, and so is Professor Stephen Hawking, however my bet would be he still does his research.

The Tools of the Trade

Written by Sumantra Roy

Before you start optimizing your site forrepparttar search engines, you would need to arm yourself with some tools to help you. What follows is a brief review of 4 software programs that we find invaluable when we are optimizing our clients' sites.

Wordtracker: The first and most important step in any search engine positioning campaign is identifyingrepparttar 128099 keywords for which you should optimize your site. WordTracker's keyword research service isrepparttar 128100 only one onrepparttar 128101 Internet that will provide a comprehensive and powerful database ofrepparttar 128102 most popular keywords in your industry. It has features that all other keyword research tools lack - for instance, it will help you identify related keywords that you would otherwise never have thought of, it differentiates between singular and plural keywords and tells you which version is more popular, it helps you identify popular mis-spelled keywords (which generally have very little competition) in your industry etc. It has a free trial version which will help you identify a few keywords. However, we recommend that you subscribe to its paid service as otherwise, you will not be able to discover quite a few keywords that can turn out to be extremely valuable to you. You can find more information on WordTracker at http://the-easy-way.com/wordtracker.html

Optilink: Link popularity has quickly become one ofrepparttar 128103 most important factors that influence your rankings inrepparttar 128104 search engines. What is important is not onlyrepparttar 128105 number of sites linking to you, butrepparttar 128106 quality and relevancy ofrepparttar 128107 sites that are linking to you. If you are trying to improverepparttar 128108 link popularity of your site, until now, there has been no easy way of checkingrepparttar 128109 quality and relevancy of sites that are linking to you orrepparttar 128110 quality and relevancy of sites that you are thinking of asking for links from. You could have done it manually, but it would take a tremendous amount of time. However, a new software product called Optilink automates this process to a large extent. In addition to doing an excellent job in helping you determinerepparttar 128111 quality of sites that already link to you or might link to you, it also doesrepparttar 128112 following:

i) analyzesrepparttar 128113 link structures of your top ranking competitors and tells you why they rank well, so that you can emulaterepparttar 128114 same tactics that your top ranking competitors are using.

ii) allows you to do "what if" analysis - it tells you what sort of rankings you can expect if you adopt a particular linking strategy.

iii) monitorrepparttar 128115 sites that you have exchanged links with to ensure that they are still linking to you and are linking to yourepparttar 128116 way you want them to.

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