Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 1: Keyword Selection

Written by Dave Davies

This is part one of ten in this search engine positioning series. In part one we will outline how to chooserepparttar keyword phrases most likely to produce a high ROI for your search engine positioning efforts. Over this ten part series we will go through ten essential elements and steps to optimizing a site. Some steps take a few hours, some may take months depending onrepparttar 128103 competition, but inrepparttar 128104 end and if done correctly you will have a well optimized site that will place well and hold it's positioning.

Of course all website's fluctuate up and down however well optimized sites will spend more time onrepparttar 128105 upper end ofrepparttar 128106 rankings than poorly optimized or spammy sites which may see high rankings but which will lose those rankings over time.

The Ten Steps We Will Go Through Are:

  1. Keyword Selection
  2. Content
  3. Site Structure
  4. Optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Human Testing
  7. Submissions
  8. Link Building
  9. Monitoring
  10. The Extras

Step One - Keyword Selection

Arguably, keyword selection isrepparttar 128107 single most important stage inrepparttar 128108 entire optimization process. If you do not chooserepparttar 128109 correct keyword phrases you will not maximize your ROI on this campaign. I mention ROI and use it as a reminder that keyword selection is not necessarily about looking forrepparttar 128110 most searched phrases. A profitable optimization is one which producesrepparttar 128111 greatest return on investment forrepparttar 128112 time and money that are available to put towards it.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

If you are a web designer in Seattle who has just started your own business, you could make "web design"repparttar 128113 targeted keyword phrase for your site as it certainly hasrepparttar 128114 highest number of searches with 707,962 in September 2004 according torepparttar 128115 "Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool". If you have thousands of dollars and many months to dedicated just to attaining those rankings it could be done however, would that berepparttar 128116 best use of your time? Alternatively you could target "seattle web site design" with 5,070 searches in September. A Google link check showsrepparttar 128117 number of links forrepparttar 128118 top three competitors for repparttar 128119 Seattle search had 132, 21, and 47 respectively whereas for "web design"repparttar 128120 top three had 18,700, 5,420, and 1,310 incoming links each.

With a good site you would get more work than you could handle with 5,070 searches on Overture alone if you were ranking well on repparttar 128121 major search engines. This would clearly providerepparttar 128122 highest return on investment forrepparttar 128123 small business owner who most certainly does not haverepparttar 128124 time and money available to target "web design" and who wouldn't haverepparttar 128125 manpower to take advantage ofrepparttar 128126 rankings even if they were attained.

This is an extreme example however it clearly illustrates that sometimesrepparttar 128127 phrase withrepparttar 128128 highest number of searches is not necessarilyrepparttar 128129 best target for your business.

Phrases That Sell

Another consideration you will want to make when choosing your keyword phrases is whether or not they are "buy phrases". Phrases with a high number of searches that are not "buy phrases" will tend to bring a lot of traffic, howeverrepparttar 128130 conversion ratio will be far lower. Should you choose to target "buy phrases" you may not getrepparttar 128131 same number of visitors however your ratio of visitors to sales will be much higher.

In this example let's assume you arerepparttar 128132 marketing director for a well-known accounting company. There will be many choices you can make for your targeted keyword phrase. The top searched phrases in September 2004 that were accounting-related are:

  • "accounting" with 156,095 searches
  • "accounting software" with 54,621 searches
  • "accounting job" with 32,015 searches
  • "accounting services" with 19,260 searches
  • "accounting firm" with 13,089 searches

Many might go with their gut instinct and attempt to target "accounting". The problem with this phrase (other thanrepparttar 128133 competition for it) is thatrepparttar 128134 people doing that search are not necessarily even looking for an accounting firm. They may be accounting students, small business owners not interested in hiring an accountant but just looking for tax information, etc. "Accounting software" and "accounting job" are irrelevant, which leaves us with "accounting services" and "accounting firm" asrepparttar 128135 two main options.

From this point an evaluation of competition should be performed andrepparttar 128136 pros and cons of making eachrepparttar 128137 primary target should be weighed based onrepparttar 128138 amount of work it will take to attainrepparttar 128139 phrase vs. how many searches there are for that phrase.

Often promotions that target multiple "buy phrases" will end up far more successful that those targeting phrases based solely onrepparttar 128140 number of searches due torepparttar 128141 increased conversions and generally decreased competition.

Tools To Use

Google Flaws and Fixes

Written by Martin Winer

There have been many criticisms recently of Google and it's page rank algorithm. First, torepparttar criticisms of Google itself.

Has anyone noticed that Google currently indexes 4 billion odd web pages? Very few of us hadrepparttar 128102 time to trod through Google's white paper, but those who did, noticed that 4 billion is Google's upper limit onrepparttar 128103 ability to address or identify and rank web pages. Basically, Google is full.

I noticedrepparttar 128104 problem when my site: www.rankyouragent.com wasn't getting visited very often and wasn't being indexed properly. If you have a new site, Google appears to be very slow in adding it and noticingrepparttar 128105 new sites that link to you. Don't take my word for it, feel free to Google search: "google broken" (feel free to noterepparttar 128106 irony).

Technical problems aside, there is a broader algorithmic problem inherent torepparttar 128107 page link algorithm. The basic tenet is that a link from one site to another is a vote for that site. Regrettably that algorithm is only valid in an internet where that algorithm isn't public knowledge. Of course, everyone and their grandmothers know how Google Page Rank works.

As a result we see link spam. Competitors to www.rankyouragent.com such as: http://www.mostreferred.com/ have created thousands of different domain names that point back to their bread and butter main page. They list 6100 backward links, some of which from similar web domains like: newfoundland.mostreferred.ca/. This link spam is insurmountable for a new site with anything less than a gigantic promotion budget. As a result many people are denied a shot at viewingrepparttar 128108 competitors website.

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