Ten Smart Ways To Sky-Rocket Your Profits

Written by Dan Brown

1. Use a "P.S." atrepparttar end of your ad copy. This is were you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close like a free bonus. 2. Publish a free ebook and give it away from your web site or in your e-zine. This will increase your traffic, sales and e-zine subscribers.

3. Create multiple streams of income with your web site. You could sell your own products, join affiliate programs, sell advertising space, etc.

4. Give your visitors compliments in your ad copy. This can earn their trust and put them in a good mood, in return they will be easier to sell too. 5. Create new products or services only if there is a strong need for them. You won't have anyone to sell them to if you don't have a market.

6. Sell your backend products to your customers right after they order. Take them to a "Thank You" web page that includes other products you sell. 7. Sell a few products on your web site instead of selling a large amount of products. To many choices can overwhelm your visitors and they won't buy.

How To Create Sizzling Sales Online

Written by Evelyn Lim

"Don’t sellrepparttar Steak, Sellrepparttar 140785 Sizzle."

Have you heard of this phrase before? It has been widely regarded as “principle number one of salesmanship” as far back as 1936.

What does this phrase mean? Sellingrepparttar 140786 sizzle means making it possible forrepparttar 140787 prospect to salivate for your product or “steak”. If you are really sellingrepparttar 140788 sizzle torepparttar 140789 steak, you will be connecting with your prospect with his/her sense of smell, sight and sound. He or she will be catchingrepparttar 140790 whiff ofrepparttar 140791 steak cooking onrepparttar 140792 barbeque pit, seerepparttar 140793 steak oozing in juice and hearrepparttar 140794 sizzle onrepparttar 140795 pit!

This concept makes perfect sense if you want to experience fantastic sales. So if you are an internet marketer, how do you write your online ad copy or sales letter such that you can connect with your prospects’ senses? Here is a “buffet” of 10 tips on how you can sellrepparttar 140796 sizzle:

1. Let your enthusiasm show. Be enthusiastic and positive in your sales copy. People are attracted to a sales letter that is upbeat and captivating.

2. Show your expert status. Spell out to your prospects about how their problems can be solved through your expert advice. You should offer great value and makerepparttar 140797 customer feel that he is well taken care of, in your charge

3. Your attitude determines your altitude. Have a good attitude by encouraging feedback and questions and answering your emails as quickly as you can. People generally want to know how much you care before they start doing business with you.

4. Have A Killer Headline. Use killer headlines to tease and to attract your prospect to read your entire sales copy. An example of a great headline “How I made a $15,886 mistake” as it creates curiosity aboutrepparttar 140798 story that you are about to reveal.

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