Ten Paths to Human Improvement

Written by Bill Dueease

People all overrepparttar world strive to improve themselves and their lives in countless ways. Have you stopped to look atrepparttar 149322 various methods or processes available to you to improve yourself and/or your life? Wouldn't it be helpful to understandrepparttar 149323 various human improvement processes and what they will provide you, before you embark on your own improvement journey? Each ofrepparttar 149324 following ten processes provides unique and different benefits. Frequently, several processes are used together to help people improve their lives.

The ten most widely used human improvement processes listed in alphabetical order are:

The coaching process The consulting process The education process The mentoring process The psychiatric process The self-help process The spiritual process The teaching process The therapy process The training process

Letís look briefly at each ofrepparttar 149325 ten human improvement processes to give you a better understanding of what you can accomplish and how they work.

Coaches focus 100% on you achieving your chosen future coaching goals. Life coaches are equal partners, not experts. Coaches assist you to improve and grow as a person asrepparttar 149326 means to achieving your goals. Life coaches assist you to becomerepparttar 149327 world's leading expert on you by providing different, very objective perspectives about you and encouraging you to takerepparttar 149328 actions necessary to achieve your goals. Life coaches concentrate on you actually implementing (executing) what you know to achieverepparttar 149329 goals you want.

Consultants are recognized experts in their fields, who either sell their expert advice or perform their expert actions (or both) to complete a task on your behalf. Consultants are hired to solve problems for you. These problems are always external to who you are. Consultants will rarely affect your personal improvement. Some examples of consultants are attorneys, doctors, auto mechanics, and accountants.

Educators focus on you learning certain information or concepts. They involve themselves in your learning process to be sure you grasprepparttar 149330 information or concept being conveyed. Generally, educators are experts in their fields, but not always. Educators will focus on you improving your knowledge, your understanding of concepts and your ability to learn.

Mentors focus on providing you sage advice and wisdom gathered through experience and knowledge when you ask for their insight. Mentors can be considered a library of human knowledge inrepparttar 149331 particular areas of life they have gained expertise. Mentors normally focus on providing knowledge, understanding and direction, but have been known to help in your improvement as a person when you allow yourself to becomerepparttar 149332 subject.

Psychiatrists focus on helping you to overcome mental and thinking imbalances. They are medical doctor experts who provide drugs and behavior change methods to adjust your mental activity back to as normal as possible. Psychiatrists focus exclusively on you improving as a person to get better control of your thinking and emotional activities.

People who userepparttar 149333 self-help process usually followrepparttar 149334 advice of self-help books, television shows, tapes, seminars, radio shows, and/or Internet sites. When usingrepparttar 149335 self-help process, you must providerepparttar 149336 guidance, energy, support, wisdom, and direction to learn and do what you feel is necessary to accomplish your goals. You may act as your own teacher and train yourself, or act as your own consultant and becomerepparttar 149337 expert to solve your own problems.

Why Wisdom Quotes?

Written by Steve Gillman

"What does it profit a man to have gainedrepparttar whole world, and to have lost his soul?" - Jesus Christ

You don't need to be Christian to see wisdom inrepparttar 149321 words of Jesus. Simple quotes from men and women aroundrepparttar 149322 world, from present day or milleniums past, inspire and instruct us, regardless ofrepparttar 149323 religious or spiritual tradition they come from. Nor do spiritual and religious people have a monopoly on wisdom. Quotes that touch onrepparttar 149324 truth of a matter can come from scoundrels, saints, and ordinary people.

Why Wisdom Quotes?

"There are two great disappointments in life: Not getting what you want, and getting it." - George Bernard Shaw

Philosophies and arguments try to "capture" truth in a net of words. This is often to build systems of knowledge, or to satify egos. Wisdom quotes use words to point at truth, so that you can look and see it for yourself. Let me give you an example.

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