Ten Most Popular Goldfish

Written by Dane Stanton

Ten most Popular Goldfish!

You canít imaginerepparttar kind of varieties of Goldfish there are! People have been breeding Goldfish for over 2000 years now. China is believed to have over 100 varieties and to think that it all began withrepparttar 146994 Carassius auratus Ėrepparttar 146995 gibel carp! Not all goldfish have been bred in China though. Other countries have specially bred their own goldfish aroundrepparttar 146996 world. Comets and Veiltails are very American whilerepparttar 146997 Jikin, Tosakin andrepparttar 146998 Shubunkin are Japanese. The United Kingdom bred its own Shubunkins and there are two types

Ė Bristol and London Shubunkin.

And sorepparttar 146999 endless list of Goldfish varieties goes on, so much so that itís hard to say which isrepparttar 147000 most unique of them all. Today,

Health Concerns for Goldfish

Written by Dane Stanton

If you are keen on breeding Goldfish, you should know that itís not an easy task. It will take a lot of patience, a lot of space inrepparttar tank and quite a bit of money too. Donít get into breeding if you think itís going to be profitable, because it isnít! Breeding goldfish is best left to a professional but if you still want to breed them, hereís how to begin:

Decide onrepparttar 146993 breed: You also must decide before hand what variety of goldfish you want to breed. Ideally, if you are a beginner you should decide on breeding a good quality single tail type fish likerepparttar 146994 comet.

Pair and chooserepparttar 146995 breeds: You must choose high quality goldfish to breed high quality goldfish. The goldfish you choose should be two-four years. A good quality goldfish would be assessed according to its finnage, body shape, size and color. They should be at least 4-6 inches or larger and very healthy. Itís better to breed with younger fish asrepparttar 146996 older ones might produce eggs that are deformed and infertile.

* The ideal female goldfish would be heavy atrepparttar 146997 rear, protruding onrepparttar 146998 left part of her body and her anal area would be soft.

* The ideal male goldfish would be a great chaser and there should be signs of his breeding tubercles on his gills and pectoral fins. Begin with two females and three males. The idea is to have two males for every female.

Time to breed Hereísrepparttar 146999 time plan to breed goldfish Ė

* You would need to plan a year ahead inrepparttar 147000 months of July or August. This is when most breeders sell their surplus fish at cheaper rates. If you skip this period than would find it hard to find a good breeding quality pair of goldfish.

* Duringrepparttar 147001 winter you must feedrepparttar 147002 fish and help them build enough body mass to lastrepparttar 147003 winter and be ready for spawning inrepparttar 147004 early spring. By October or November, your fish would need less food and this isrepparttar 147005 time to not only cleanrepparttar 147006 fish but also separaterepparttar 147007 males fromrepparttar 147008 females.

Cleaningrepparttar 147009 fish: The solution you need to cleanrepparttar 147010 fish is one measure of Terramycin, 80 drops of Formaldehyde and 6 drops of copper sulphate in four gallons of water. The solution should be atrepparttar 147011 right temperature andrepparttar 147012 fish should get enough oxygen to breathe. Allowrepparttar 147013 goldfish to remain in this solution for 20 minutes and then move them to a separate container of clean water while you prepare a spawning tank.

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