Ten Hottest Careers

Written by Alexandria Haber

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you are still trying to figure out which career path you want to follow, examinerepparttar following list of occupations currently consideredrepparttar 141963 ten hottest careers:

1. Elementary school teachers 2. Accountants and auditors 3. Computer systems analysts 4. Secondary school teachers 5. Computer software engineers 6. Special education teachers 7. Computer programmers 8. Network and computer systems administrators 9. Preschool teachers 10. Dental hygienists

These ten hot careers are expected to haverepparttar 141964 highest demand for new recruits overrepparttar 141965 next eight years.

Born to teach?

If you love meeting new people and enjoy interacting with a wide range of personalities, teaching may berepparttar 141966 right career choice for you. Four ofrepparttar 141967 ten hottest careers are inrepparttar 141968 teaching profession. It doesnít matter if you prefer to work with younger or older students because teachers are needed in every age range and category. If you love a challenge, consider working with special needs children or adults and become a special education teacher. Special education teachers are in very high demand and are one ofrepparttar 141969 top five career choices available out ofrepparttar 141970 ten hottest careers.

How to Close Your Interview and Leave a Lasting Positive Impression

Written by Roger Clark

Closingrepparttar Interview

Knowing how to successfully close an interview can makerepparttar 141849 difference between gettingrepparttar 141850 job and being one ofrepparttar 141851 unfortunate individuals who receives a rejection letter inrepparttar 141852 mail. While much attention is given torepparttar 141853 matters of how to write a resume and cover letter as well as what to expect in regards to interview questions, far too many job seekers are unprepared when comes to knowing how to successfully close an interview. Keep in mind that this is perhaps your last opportunity to demonstrate why you are perfect forrepparttar 141854 job. Successfully closing an interview walks a fine line between being too aggressive and not being aggressive enough.

Itís always a good idea to bring along some questions that you can askrepparttar 141855 interviewer atrepparttar 141856 end ofrepparttar 141857 interview. This shows that you have more than just a passing interest inrepparttar 141858 position and truly wantrepparttar 141859 job. If you have takenrepparttar 141860 time to do your research onrepparttar 141861 company, this also demonstrates initiative and increases your chances of being hired.

Once all questions have been asked and answered, it is quite appropriate to askrepparttar 141862 interviewer when they anticipate making a hiring decision as well as whatrepparttar 141863 next step inrepparttar 141864 interviewing or hiring process will be. Make a point to askrepparttar 141865 employer for a business card so that you can have readily available contact information for following up withrepparttar 141866 employer inrepparttar 141867 days to come. This will also make it much easier for you to mailrepparttar 141868 all important interview thank-you letter as soon as you return home.

Also donít forget to shake hands withrepparttar 141869 employer and summarize how your skills and experience, as well as ambition and desire, make yourepparttar 141870 perfect candidate forrepparttar 141871 position. If youíre really confident and donít mind taking risks, you might ask ďSo, is there anything stopping you from offering merepparttar 141872 job right now?Ē This ploy should only be used if you feelrepparttar 141873 interview has gone well, however. Otherwise you might be setting yourself, as well asrepparttar 141874 interviewer, up for an embarrassing response.

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