Ten Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

If you're trying to lose weight, starting an exercise plan can help acceleraterepparttar weight you lose, andrepparttar 131425 rate you lose it at. Exercising smartly isrepparttar 131426 first step, so here are a few brief tips to get you started:

1. When you decide itís time to start working out, start slowly and realize it will take some time to see results. Don't get discouraged if you don't achieve your fitness goals afterrepparttar 131427 first week... many people make this mistake and end up abandoning their plans because of it. They feel that if they really push their bodies they can lose more weight in a couple of work outs, and your body simply doesn't work that way.

If you try to push your body too much inrepparttar 131428 first few goes, you are likely to end up with sprained joints, a sore back and even torn ligaments. The rule to be followed here is slow and steady winsrepparttar 131429 race.

2. Check your weight before you startrepparttar 131430 new exercise routine and then try to limit yourself to checking only weekly. If you keep checking for changes frequently, you'll be disappointed to not see radical changes immediately. It might be one or two weeks before you notice any change.

One thing you also need to be aware of: If you start exercising and working out as a way to lose weight, you could find yourself initially disappointed. Because when you work out, you start building muscle. And muscle weighs more than fat. So many people will start losing fat while they're building muscle, and not notice any change onrepparttar 131431 actual weight scale.

So instead of worrying about whatrepparttar 131432 scale says, try taking your measurements before starting your weight loss exercise program, and notice how your cloths fit. Then each week, take your measurements again, and try onrepparttar 131433 exact same cloths to see how they're now fitting. Usually you'll notice you're losing inches, and your clothes are fitting better - even ifrepparttar 131434 scale says you haven't lost any weight.

3. When you do notice changes, reward yourself. No, not goodies like chocolates or sweets. Reward yourself with a movie, a day off, or fun shopping spree.

Rewards can keep you going. It is a good idea to save onrepparttar 131435 money that you wanted to spend on ice creams and chocolates and then treat your self to something more substantial.

4. You can, and should, take a day off from exercise every week. Make it part ofrepparttar 131436 exercise routine. Your body needs a day off from heavy activity, exercise and workouts, so be sure to schedule it in as part of your actual routine, to make sure you're taking care of it properly.

5. Exercise out doors as much as possible. There are two advantages of exercising outside: First, it gives your body a chance to get much needed fresh air and sunshine. The sun also gives you a healthy does of Vitamin D. Secondly, Being outside, seeing everything going on around you, being around other people, smelling and hearingrepparttar 131437 world... all of these assaults to your senses help perk up your mood, keep you happy, and keep you motivated to continue with your exercise and weight loss plans.

6. Try collecting information about exercise and fitness in general, or researching different types of exercises. There are a lot of ways you can work out at home, and extensive research has been done on exercise in general. Plenty of this information is easily available.

Body Fat Distribution Factors

Written by Laura Ciocan

Most men and women put on weight differently. But on what makes fat settle in a preferential way, there is little evidence.

Scientists ascertained thatrepparttar specific body shapes are:repparttar 131423 android shape, or apple shape, common among men (fat deposits onrepparttar 131424 middle section ofrepparttar 131425 body, mostly onrepparttar 131426 abdomen) andrepparttar 131427 gynoid, or pear shape, more common among women (fat deposited on hips and bottom). There is alsorepparttar 131428 third type of body shape:repparttar 131429 ovoid shape, not differentiating between men and women. With this type we can speak of an over-all general coverage of bodyfat.

Thinking of many cases of exceptions, I try to find out in what follows if there is a strict specific fat pattern distribution for men and women and what arerepparttar 131430 factors influencing fat distribution. And I find this interesting not in as much asrepparttar 131431 aesthetic side is concerned but fromrepparttar 131432 health perspective.

Being overweight or underweight are characteristics depending on many factors: you are genetically overweight if you have a family history of overweight parents/relatives. Also,repparttar 131433 nervous system plays an important role in balancingrepparttar 131434 body weight: serotonin and endorphins send signals torepparttar 131435 brain that inducerepparttar 131436 need to eat or onrepparttar 131437 contrary. There is alsorepparttar 131438 CCK hormone which transmitsrepparttar 131439 brain signals onrepparttar 131440 state of satiety - it decreases hunger.

While generally, body weight is influenced genetically, hormonally and byrepparttar 131441 body maintenance condition (the activity routine), it seems thatrepparttar 131442 fat distribution is influenced by age, genetic inheritance, race, but to a greater extent by gender specific hormones. They are responsible forrepparttar 131443 distribution of fat in certain zones of our bodies: thus, estrogens which are responsible ofrepparttar 131444 typical female sexual characteristics will influencerepparttar 131445 fat deposition inrepparttar 131446 pear format, favouring its laying onrepparttar 131447 hips, thighs, and belly, while testosterone will "lead" fat mostly towards tummy and upper body.

Latest studies show that men's tendency towardsrepparttar 131448 gynoid format has increased inrepparttar 131449 past 30 years (one study shows a growth of 2 inches in men's hips inrepparttar 131450 past 30 years). According to researches as John R. Lee, M.D (specialist in natural progesterone therapy), Dr. Jesse Hanley and Dr. Peter Eckhart, it seems that modern life exposes people to increased amounts of estrogen and estrogen-like substances (xenoestrogens or foreign estrogens). Sources of these substances can be plastics, plastic drinking bottles, commercially raised beef, chicken and pork, personal care products, pesticides, herbicides, birth control pills, spermacide, detergent, canned foods and lacquers. The problem is that increased estrogen levels in men not only make their hips fatten but arerepparttar 131451 main risk factor for disease such as prostate enlargement and cancer.

Also, for women,repparttar 131452 android pattern fat distribution should raise questions with regard to hormonal imbalances, such situations being a potential cause for health problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

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