Ten Creative Ways to Teach Your Child Numbers

Written by Patty Hone

1. Count items aroundrepparttar house Gather up items around your house such as buttons, pencils, paper clips, etc. Put them in stacks and count them with your child.

2.Play Hopscotch Use chalk and draw a hopscotch game outside. Make sure to sayrepparttar 143690 numbers out loud as you play.

3. Play "Go Fish" Play "Go Fish" with a deck of playing cards. You can take outrepparttar 143691 face cards to play. Kids love playing games. This one is a lot of fun and they will be learning atrepparttar 143692 same time.

4. Cook with your kids Include your child when you cook. Have him countrepparttar 143693 cups of milk,repparttar 143694 tablespoons of margarine, orrepparttar 143695 eggs when you cook. Show himrepparttar 143696 recipe as you cook so he can follow along.

5. Read counting books Check out counting books fromrepparttar 143697 library. Read counting books to your child. Have him practice counting as you readrepparttar 143698 book.

6. Have a treasure hunt Fold up ten pieces of paper. On each piece of paper draw a number of items. For example, draw one fish, two triangles, or three apples. Also write a clue onrepparttar 143699 paper telling where to findrepparttar 143700 next number "clue". Startrepparttar 143701 game with number one and end withrepparttar 143702 number ten. Have your child countrepparttar 143703 items onrepparttar 143704 page before you readrepparttar 143705 clue.

Hitler - Bush

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Hitler received a legacy from his Rothschild relations in Vienna where he and his father before him had studied. The De Medicis agent named St. Germain had established a solid schooling system forrepparttar occult in Vienna.

There is so much about Hitler and his occult handlers which one must understand in order to see whyrepparttar 143689 Germans tried at Nuremberg were not allowed to talk about occult programming and esoteric mind control. Here is something important that includesrepparttar 143690 Cistercians and some of Hitler’s handlers. I do indeed includerepparttar 143691 Dulles Skull & Bones family withrepparttar 143692 Bushes who were named inrepparttar 143693 funding of Hitler and trading withrepparttar 143694 enemy issues surrounding Prescott Bush. There is a great deal inrepparttar 143695 following quote from a Holocaust site which we must deal with in this book.

“1893 February 24 Guido von List lectures onrepparttar 143696 ancient cult of Wotan and its priesthood torepparttar 143697 nationalist Verein, "Deusche Geschichte." List claims that this extinct religion wasrepparttar 143698 national religion ofrepparttar 143699 Teutons before it was destroyed by Christianity. In time, this ancient priesthood will formrepparttar 143700 basis of his entire political mythology. 1893 April 7 Allen Welsh Dulles is born in Watertown, New York. 1893 July 31 Adolf Josef Lanz, age 19, becomes a novice atrepparttar 143701 Cistercian monastery in Heiligenkreuz onrepparttar 143702 present Austrian-Hungarian border. Lanz was born in Vienna on July 19, 1874, but later claimed to have been born at Messina, Sicily, on May 1, 1872. To mislead astrologers, he said. 1895 January 24 Sir Randolph Churchill (1849-95), father of Winston Churchill, dies. Atrepparttar 143703 time of his death, his estate owes Nathaniel "Natty" Rothschild and Rothschild's Bank more than 66,000 pounds, a huge sum at that time. Had this been generally known, it would have caused a major scandal since he had always shown great favor torepparttar 143704 Rothschild family and its various business interests. (The Churchills) 1895 The Sphinx, one ofrepparttar 143705 most powerful advocates ofrepparttar 143706 Germanic occult revival, ceases publication. It had been published since 1886 by Wilhelm Hubbe-Schleiden, founder ofrepparttar 143707 first German Theosophical Society at Elberfeld in July 1884.” (1)

Conor Cruise O’Brien gave a speech to a group of international performing artists which I hoperepparttar 143708 readers of this book will be encouraged to find. In it he notesrepparttar 143709 influence ofrepparttar 143710 Wagnerian cult that is pre-Christian and yet might be true Christianity as Hitler would have argued. We will have to maintain an open-mind if we are going to understand rather than trivializerepparttar 143711 forces at work that still run this world. I hope we can improve on it because I fearrepparttar 143712 lack of ethics in an age of rampant technological power capable of ending all life on earth. Here is a little of that speech.

“Inrepparttar 143713 case of Hitler,repparttar 143714 phrase 'the cult of Wagner' is not a mere figure of speech. This was a cult in which he believed as fanatically as any devotee has ever believed in supernatural revelation. The depth of his commitment torepparttar 143715 cult is apparent from what he did early in 1923 onrepparttar 143716 eve ofrepparttar 143717 most important decision of his life to date: that of whether or not to head a rebellion against Versailles, in Munich. In preparation for that decisionrepparttar 143718 daemonic devotee repaired torepparttar 143719 great shrine of his faith, at Bayreuth, in northern Bavaria. There he consultedrepparttar 143720 oracles, custodians ofrepparttar 143721 shrine, Winifred Wagner and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Winifred wasrepparttar 143722 composer's daughter-in-law; Chamberlainrepparttar 143723 great English apologist for imperial Germany. Both were passionate nationalists; Chamberlain had been one ofrepparttar 143724 first proponents inrepparttar 143725 service ofrepparttar 143726 generals ofrepparttar 143727 myth ofrepparttar 143728 Dolchstoss, inrepparttar 143729 closing months ofrepparttar 143730 First World War. Both warmly encouragedrepparttar 143731 project Hitler was considering. Hitler returned from Bayreuth with his mind made up.

The Bierkeller Putsch of 1923 has been trivialised in retrospect, like so much in Hitler's career. It has been depicted as a ludicrous failure. This is to misunderstand its nature which falls withinrepparttar 143732 performing arts, in their larger sense, and is also near to those arts in their narrower sense. It was never intended as a serious revolt inrepparttar 143733 literal and military sense. It was a symbolic revolt, resembling to that extent, and in that respect,repparttar 143734 Easter Rising seven years before in Dublin, Ireland and indeed it also resembled that earlier and distinct revolt in being closely linked torepparttar 143735 performing arts. The Wagner of Dublin's Easter Rising was W. B. Yeats (A near alchemist ofrepparttar 143736 Hermetic Order ofrepparttar 143737 Golden Dawn who became its head man after Crowley was booted for his purposeful conflicts.}. His virulently nationalist play, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, performed in 1902 by Maud Gonne, had been an inspiration forrepparttar 143738 generation ofrepparttar 143739 rebels of 1916. This was a thought that troubled Yeats on his deathbed when he wrote: Did that play of mine send out / Certain menrepparttar 143740 English shot?” (2)

You may have heard aboutrepparttar 143741 media coverage ofrepparttar 143742 Wright Brother’s flight and how it took three years before Scientific American stopped trying to debunk it. You may already know aboutrepparttar 143743 early 20th Century Patent Office Official who declared ‘everything that could be discovered was discovered’. You may even know aboutrepparttar 143744 Paris Academy of Sciences official who throttledrepparttar 143745 presenter ofrepparttar 143746 phonograph claiming he was a ventriloquist. These things are funny in a way, but they are not unusual. Unfortunately you are going to have to think if you read this book. You will have to ask yourself how stupid we have been to allow a lot of lies to pass for truth.

We all knowrepparttar 143747 various Abrahamic religions have sects that hate and wage war upon each other but it is not so different in other areas of belief which people like to think is wisdom or knowledge. The same thing is true with history. I can attest torepparttar 143748 fact thatrepparttar 143749 Flat Earth and Bible Narrative fictions have an enduring impact on what people think about history. People actually believe there was a time when mariners thoughtrepparttar 143750 earth was flat – I kid you not. They think they know these things because they read them in accredited books from professors who hold forth onrepparttar 143751 subjects they study which are narrow in focus.

The truly amazing thing to me isrepparttar 143752 extent to which people defendrepparttar 143753 myths and fictions of history. Even when presented with facts and artifacts, people still want to believe in some alien influence rather than human ingenuity. Andrepparttar 143754 really funny thing is they call someone who presentsrepparttar 143755 facts and evidences of that advanced human culture by terms like Conspiracy Theorist. I wonder how we will ever get past these myths if people are not willing to learnrepparttar 143756 facts. There are all manner of people saying they are Druids, Wiccans and other sorts of people who claim their view of history is true – it is not justrepparttar 143757 major religions. The facts should dorepparttar 143758 talking rather than wishful thinking cults or imaginary aliens. Let’s just forget allrepparttar 143759 dragon people and Chanes myths and know they were useful myths that kept people in line and start looking at reality for a change.

It was long beforerepparttar 143760 recent X and Y genetic research came to my attention when I had already written many books using other disciplines that showedrepparttar 143761 secret trading Empires that empoweredrepparttar 143762 Divine Kings and other debauched and immoral organizations. Corporatism as defined by Chomsky is not new by any stretch ofrepparttar 143763 imagination. His work is a necessary read for anyone wanting to knowrepparttar 143764 structural deficiencies of our oligarchies.

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