Tempranillo, a new red wine star in Australia

Written by Darby Higgs

Tempranillo isrepparttar premium red wine grape variety fromrepparttar 113135 Rioja region in Spain. It is now challenging Sangiovese asrepparttar 113136 up and coming star ofrepparttar 113137 red varietal wine scene in Australia. New plantings throughout Australian wine regions overrepparttar 113138 past five years are just coming into bearing. In fact on a percentage basis Tempranillo is growing in popularity more rapidly than any other variety. What makes this variety so exciting? Well, it makes wines which have good colour and good fruit flavours along with low acid and low tannins. This adds up to an easy drinking style. The wine also goes well with American oak. Inrepparttar 113139 vineyardrepparttar 113140 variety has a short growing season which makes it suitable for cooler areas. In Spainrepparttar 113141 variety isrepparttar 113142 backbone ofrepparttar 113143 wines ofrepparttar 113144 Rioja andrepparttar 113145 Ribera del Duero regions in Northern and Central Spain. In these regions it is often blended with Graciano or Cabernet sauvignon playing a minor role. It is a component of Ribera del Duero's famous Vega Sicilia,repparttar 113146 Spanish equivalent to Grange. In Portugalrepparttar 113147 variety is used as a minor component in port, and some red table wines. Elsewhere inrepparttar 113148 worldrepparttar 113149 major plantings are in Argentine and California. Inrepparttar 113150 latter region it is called Valdepenas and is regarded as unsuitable for making fine wine. Tempranillo has taken off in Australia only inrepparttar 113151 past few years. Brown Brothers have been a pioneer ofrepparttar 113152 variety, but there are now over 50 producers in about half of Australia's sixty wine regions. Although McLaren Vale hasrepparttar 113153 highest number of producers variety is widely planted throughoutrepparttar 113154 mainland Australian wine regions. The highest rated Tempranillo in James Halliday's Wine Companion 2005 is from Manton's Creek Vineyard inrepparttar 113155 Mornington Peninsula. Casella Wines,repparttar 113156 makers ofrepparttar 113157 hugely successful [yellowtail] range are also interested inrepparttar 113158 variety. They received a silver medal for a 2003 Tempranillo atrepparttar 113159 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2004.

Cube steak recipes

Written by Hans Dekker

Are you searching for some new and exciting cube steak recipes? Well, first let’s look at why cube steak is so popular. Cube steak or minute steak, as some people may call it, comes fromrepparttar butcher tenderizing round steak before packaging. This is done by using a butcher’s tenderizer. It does not take long to cook this time of steak hence camerepparttar 113134 name minute steak.

There are many different cube steak recipes from countries all overrepparttar 113135 world. Sincerepparttar 113136 steak has been tenderized already you do not have to worry about pounding, marinating, or anything else to make your meat tender before preparing. It can be used to fry, grill, in a crockpot or broiled. Just remember not to overcookrepparttar 113137 meat. This can cause it to become tough and rubbery.

Here are a couple of cube steak recipes you must try for a new treat. The Island Cube Steak recipe will give you an exciting new way to prepare cube steak and will have your tastebuds asking for more. The ingredients you need are 1 ½ pounds of cube steak, ¼ cup vegetable oil, water chestnuts (usually one can drained, but you can also use fresh), 1 green pepper sliced, 1 small onion cut into slices, 1 pound of fresh sliced mushrooms, salt, and around 8 ounces of beef gravy. You can purchaserepparttar 113138 gravy already prepared or make your own. Cutrepparttar 113139 cube steak into small strips and heatrepparttar 113140 vegetable oil over medium high heat. Afterrepparttar 113141 oil is warm addrepparttar 113142 steak, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, and salt. Cook totally untilrepparttar 113143 meat is brown stirring consistently. Whenrepparttar 113144 meat is browned, drain and addrepparttar 113145 water chestnuts and your brown gravy. Coverrepparttar 113146 skillet and simmer for 1 ½ to 2 hours, stirring every once in a while. You can serve this delectable meal overrepparttar 113147 show mien noodles.

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