Telling Yourself The Truth

Written by Lael Johnson

Copyright 2005 Writer's Eye Advisory Service

*Do you tell yourself bothrepparttar positive and negative truth about your work day? *Do you remember what you did well at work? *Do you keep a record of tasks that will support a good work evaluation? *Do you keep track of your successes?  *Do you takerepparttar 149793 time to tell othersrepparttar 149794 truth? *Do those that you supervise know when they’ve done a well? *Do they know when and where they need to improve? *Or do you relive onlyrepparttar 149795 worst moments of your work day?   

Telling yourselfrepparttar 149796 truth applies to all parts of your life. It isn’t an easy discipline to learn, because it is so much easier to complain, feel sorry for yourself or blame someone else for your mistakes.  It’s also awkward to talk about your successes. Telling yourselfrepparttar 149797 truth, will free you up from nagging negative thoughts, open your eyes to new ideas and enable you to relax and work more productively. If you see any part of yourself in this description, then you might findrepparttar 149798 following exercises helpful.

LISTEN TO YOUR THOUGHTS: Take five minutes and listen torepparttar 149799 thoughts in your head. Listen  carefully torepparttar 149800 tone of your remarks.  Do you recognize sarcasm, anger or whining? Are any of these words familiar?: “You can’t do that.” “You can’t breakrepparttar 149801 rules or you will lose your job.” “Who do you think you are?” If you hear these words or something similar then you are heading directly into a negative situation. In order to successfully complete your project, you must make some immediate changes.  One of those changes is to choose:

ONE WORK AREA:  Choose one difficult area: Are you aware of vulnerable areas in your project? Take a closer look at idea development, completing action plans, completingrepparttar 149802 finished project  or sendingrepparttar 149803 project out intorepparttar 149804 world? Remember to keep your focus on your chosen work area, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

How To Change Your Attitudes

Written by Kathryn Williamson

Copyright 2005 Kathryn Williamson

What type of person grabs your attention and motivates you? Usually it's a person who is very passionate about what he or she is doing. She's on fire and her excitement floodsrepparttar room she is in. When she talks something inside you gets stirred -repparttar 149792 desire also to be passionate about something. Anything! You don't want to leave her presence because you hope that some of that passion will rub off on you.

When you find yourself stuck in a boring situation (whether it's your job or other circumstances), how do you change things? How do you get some hope and passion into your life? How do you find a meaningful purpose for your existence? How do you get out ofrepparttar 149793 rut of negative thinking and pity parties?

To change our attitude requires us to do several things. First, realize that we choose our attitude. Even though our situation may not change, our outlook changes when we haverepparttar 149794 right attitude. We choose to change our attitude even though our mind tells us different. How many times do we listen torepparttar 149795 negative thoughts instead of what God says about us? We can only have one thought occur at one time, althoughrepparttar 149796 thoughts can come very fast. So if we choose to think onrepparttar 149797 positive promises of God, then we don't allowrepparttar 149798 negative thoughts to dominate. When we choose to believe God and act accordingly, our new attitudes take root deep in our heart, making our choices automatic.

Second, our new attitude becomes permanent when we change our underlying false beliefs. Many times we believerepparttar 149799 negative thoughts in our head and allow ourselves to meditate upon them because, believe it or not, it feels good! Some of us have beaten ourselves up mentally for so many years that we don't have any other way of thinking. We actually believe these lies and don't do anything to search out whether or not they are true.

If we want to change, then we have to take responsibility for our thoughts. We must do whatever it takes to uncoverrepparttar 149800 truth about ourselves - from God's perspective. We don't turn to others to get their opinion of us; we turn to God and find out what He thinks about us. God created us and provides great promises for our future. But sometimes there are things we must do to have many of these promises fulfilled in our life. Whenever we come across a promise from God inrepparttar 149801 Bible, we need to look at surrounding Scripture to see if there is something we need to do before God will fulfillrepparttar 149802 promise.

How we view ourselves improves greatly just by consistently readingrepparttar 149803 Bible. We gain an understanding of how much God loves us and how His love is unconditional. We don't have to do anything to earn God's love, just accept it. Once we experience God's love, we find ourselves loving others withrepparttar 149804 same type of unconditional love.

Third, we become who we hang around with! The five people we spendrepparttar 149805 most time around influence us, whether we want them to or not! But there is one Person we can hang around with whose influence will overriderepparttar 149806 negative attitudes bombarding us from these individuals. And that is God. By spending more time readingrepparttar 149807 Bible, praying and askingrepparttar 149808 Holy Spirit to reveal spiritual things to us, and meditating upon what we learn, we can keep our attitudes in proper check. This is great news because this is something we can do without having to wait until we find positive people to hang around with.

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