"Telling People Anything Is Wasted Effort"

Written by Bob McElwain

Avis said, "We're second. So we try harder." The first sentence was indisputably true. They were second to Hertz inrepparttar car rental business, and everybody knew it. This lent credibility torepparttar 127283 second sentence.

When heard or read, these two sentences were "converted" inrepparttar 127284 minds of potential car renters to, "Since they must try harder, they'll make life easier for me." Then they rented from Avis, rather than Hertz. Business boomed with this slogan asrepparttar 127285 underlying position in all sales messages.

How "Best" Works

Now suppose Avis had said, "We'rerepparttar 127286 best!"

"Who says?" would berepparttar 127287 kindest retort, asrepparttar 127288 reader or listener turned quickly away to rent from Hertz.

Avis And Your Website

"We'rerepparttar 127289 best!" won't work in your advertising, on your website, or in your newsletter. Not one bit better than it would have worked for Avis. Surely we all know this. Why then do we see so many ads, newsletters, and sites that tell us they'rerepparttar 127290 best? Then go on to tell us what to do or think?

There are two reasons that come to mind right quick. First, some really do not understand that unsubstantiated claims will be ignored, or even turned against you. Second, it's easier and quicker to tell, rather than to demonstrate.

Good Books And Films

In quality stories, printed or filmed, you are never told that Duke is a really bad dude. You see him doing really bad things, then draw your own conclusions.

Good teachers don't tell; they provide their students whatever is needed to demonstraterepparttar 127291 point. Non-fiction writers dorepparttar 127292 same. They seek to convince you ofrepparttar 127293 point they want to make by providing examples and references. Andrepparttar 127294 views of other authorities. All of which can be checked out.

Now Listen Up!

"Show, don't tell."

Do you believe this is true?

Not unless you already do. You'd need a whole lot of faith in me to accept this as truth on my word alone. In fact some would call you foolish if you did so.

Beyond providing answers to simple questions, such as how to get from here to there, telling folks fails. For one thing, people flat don't like to be told anything. For another, they always questionrepparttar 127295 authority ofrepparttar 127296 speaker. And many feel they know all that's needed, so don't want more from you or anybody else. Further,repparttar 127297 world is awash in, "My opinion is as good as yours."


Written by Bob Leduc

You're reading this article becauserepparttar headline captured your attention. It sparked your desire to know more about creating headlines. That'srepparttar 127282 mission of an effective headline. It capturesrepparttar 127283 reader's attention and provides a compelling reason to read whatever follows.

The headline isrepparttar 127284 most important part of any ad or sales letter. It determines whether or not people will read your message. You may haverepparttar 127285 best written copy inrepparttar 127286 world but you've wasted your time if your headline doesn't excite readers enough to read your message.

Here are some examples of effective headlines I found inrepparttar 127287 classified ad section of a popular website:

1. Lose 15 Pounds In 30 Days... And Keep It Off 2. Submit Your Ad To 200 Websites With 1 Mouse Click 3. Instantly Increase Your Orders By 29% 4. How To Make $2,000/Month At Home With Your Computer 5. Discover How To Reduce Your Fuel Bills By 43%

Each of these headlines clearly statesrepparttar 127288 benefit I can expect to get fromrepparttar 127289 product, service or business opportunity promoted inrepparttar 127290 ad underrepparttar 127291 headline. If I am interested in gainingrepparttar 127292 benefit, I cannot resist reading repparttar 127293 entire ad to find out more.


I've usedrepparttar 127294 following 5 step procedure many times to create powerful headlines. It's simple and easy to follow. Even someone without special talent, skill or previous experience can use it to create a captivating headline.

STEP #1. Define in writingrepparttar 127295 ideal prospect you want to capture with your headline. Be sure to includerepparttar 127296 characteristics that make your product or service valuable to this prospect.

STEP #2. Personalize this ideal prospect by visualizing them as one person you want to attract with your headline. Keep this vision of one person in your mind whenever you're writing a headline. Your ad or sales letter will be read by one person at a time. Therefore, you'll find it easier to produce an effective headline by visualizing just one person and writing to that person.

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