Telephone Selling Tips

Written by Kevin Nunley

The telephone is still one ofrepparttar top ways to sell. You can pick up a phone, reach just about anyone inrepparttar 127377 world, and get a very sincere conversation going.

This ability to userepparttar 127378 phone to go anywhere and achieve a special rapport with customers makesrepparttar 127379 telephone an indispensable selling tool.

Jot down what points you want to cover in your conversation before you call. This will help you stay on track.

Asks questions. Remember, it'srepparttar 127380 person who asksrepparttar 127381 questions who controlsrepparttar 127382 direction ofrepparttar 127383 conversation.

How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions

Written by Brian Tracy

No one can deny that sales closing techniques are absolutely vital in face-to-face selling. But often, people ask me if they can apply my powerful closing techniques to online marketing. My answer is an unequivocal, "Yes!"

Of course, there are some closing techniques that are more applicable torepparttar Web than others -- but I'll show you magical closing secrets that can dramatically increase your web sales, and rapidly increase your online income. This works best on direct response websites - i.e., those that focus on getting an immediate response inrepparttar 127376 form of an order or lead.

Before we get started, I must emphasize that much of repparttar 127377 sale is made inrepparttar 127378 presentation. The close is largely determined by how well you've presentedrepparttar 127379 product torepparttar 127380 prospect. Your objective, then, is to takerepparttar 127381 prospect smoothly pastrepparttar 127382 point of closing, making it easy for him or her to come to a buying decision. You can accomplish this withrepparttar 127383 strategic use of questions.

The All-Important Opening Question

When you're selling online, you don't haverepparttar 127384 benefit of interacting with your prospectrepparttar 127385 way you would in face-to-face selling. Therefore,repparttar 127386 first thing you say in your web copy has to be something that breaks preoccupation, grabs attention, and points torepparttar 127387 result or benefit ofrepparttar 127388 your product.

At any given moment, your prospect's mind is preoccupied with dozens of things. Therefore, a well-crafted question will causerepparttar 127389 prospect's thinking to be directed to what you have to say.

Your opening question must be aimed at something that is relevant and important, and at something that your prospect needs or wants. What do sales managers, for instance, sit around and think about all day long? Increasing sales! Therefore, if your target market consists of sales managers, here's an example of a question you can use as a headline or asrepparttar 127390 first part of your copy: "How would you like to see a method that would enable you to increase your sales by 20% to 30% overrepparttar 127391 next 12 months?"

When you ask such a question,repparttar 127392 first thing that pops intorepparttar 127393 mind ofrepparttar 127394 prospect should be, "What is it?" - whereupon you've captured his or her attention, and you can then begin to articulate how your product or service can solverepparttar 127395 need posed by repparttar 127396 question. ==================================================== Plan your opening question carefully. If your opening question fails to break your prospect's preoccupation and grab his attention, he will click away before giving yourepparttar 127397 opportunity to present your product or service.

Questions That Keep Them Involved

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