Telephone Job Interview Prepartion Tips

Written by Nathan Newberger

This career article gives you some common sense advice and tips on handlingrepparttar all important telephone interview.

=================================== TELEPHONE INTERVIEW BACKGROUND =================================== Telephone interviews are quite common in today’s job market. They are offered for a variety of reasons including cost savings, screening of candidates and out-of-town applicants. To successfully navigaterepparttar 138954 phone interview, it is important to have a solid game plan in place for preparation.

The following 8 quick tips will help prepare yourself for a successful call.

=============================================== 8 QUICK TELEPHONE INTERVIEW PREPARATION TIPS ===============================================

1. DO SOME RESEARCH Try to find out who will be interviewing you. Will there be multiple people onrepparttar 138955 call? If possible get their names and titles. Become familiar with these beforerepparttar 138956 call and you will have one less thing to worry about duringrepparttar 138957 call. Try and get some background onrepparttar 138958 interviewer. Any insight you can gain about him/her will allow you to better tailor your responses to makerepparttar 138959 best possible impression.

2. ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS Make a list of your accomplishments, goals and strengths. On another list write out your weaknesses and what you are doing to overcome them. On a third sheet write down why you are interested inrepparttar 138960 company. Think carefully about all of these items as they often come up in interviews.

3. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Never forget that a telephone interview is still an interview. Take time to practice interview questions with friends or family. Ask them to provide honest feedback so you can improve your responses. Mock interview questions can easily be found onrepparttar 138961 internet orrepparttar 138962 bookstore. If you get stuck on a question, sample answers to these questions are often provided as well.

4. DO A SOUND CHECK Duringrepparttar 138963 mock interview, have your friend ask you questions both overrepparttar 138964 phone and in person. Make sure that he/she listens not only for content, but also tone, rate and clarity of your speech. If possible, record yourself speaking. Are you speaking slowly and clearly? Can you easily be heard? Is your voice portraying you as a confident and enthusiastic candidate? If not continue to practice until you are comfortable.

Slow Down Before Hitting A Brick Wall

Written by Deirdre Maigread McEachern

"The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else inrepparttar universe to do." Galileo

As humans we haverepparttar 138953 ability to spend time, waste time, lose time, make time and, my personal favorite, stretch time. When we stretch time it becomes almost slow motion. I know you have experienced this. Remember a time when you were at your best - you worked really hard and accomplished a large achievement (maybe an exam you took, promotion you sought or course you completed...) After you were done, do you remember decompressing in triumph for a few hours or perhaps even a few days? In that period of time, things happened slower, didn't they?

You noticedrepparttar 138954 beautiful day outsiderepparttar 138955 window that until then you had not been able to see. You walked a little slower on your way to and from your daily tasks. Perhaps you smelledrepparttar 138956 coffee brewing downrepparttar 138957 hall and now you could affordrepparttar 138958 time to go and enjoy a leisurely cup, so you did. Your focus shifted fromrepparttar 138959 all-absorbing task, to yourself, your actual life.

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