Telecommuting Website (part Two)

Written by Nell Taliercio

Last article I discussed why a telecommuter would benefit from starting a website, and what you should include onrepparttar website. This article, I'm going to cover how to marketrepparttar 142569 website andrepparttar 142570 basics of getting one set up.

First, I want you to read overrepparttar 142571 last article in this series, if you haven't hadrepparttar 142572 chance to yet.

So how can you get your website in front of potential employers? There are a few ways I'm going to cover that won't cost you a dime!

• Put your link on your résumé, and submit it torepparttar 142573 free résumé databases online.

• Put your link in your cover letter when applying for jobs.

• Put your link in your signature line at forums and online groups. Also include it inrepparttar 142574 emails you send out.

• Give your link to friends. Let them know to pass it on to their employers if they are hiring again.

• Optimize your website for phrases. You could use "data entry employee" for example. (You will need to make sure it's being searched for first.) This can be a technical thing, and it does take some time to learn. I would focus onrepparttar 142575 other free ways I mentioned above first. If you'd like to learn more about search engine optimization, you can head over to my forums.

Personal Training: Name One Good Reason Why Someone Should Hire You

Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

Byrepparttar time you have gotten pastrepparttar 142542 title and readrepparttar 142543 first line of this article, you should already haverepparttar 142544 one reason in your head why a prospective client would hire you. If you don't, then you may have already discoveredrepparttar 142545 biggest obstacle torepparttar 142546 success of your personal training career!

What we're talking about here is a very important sales tool known as a "Unique Selling Proposition". Basically, this isrepparttar 142547 single most important thing about your business that makes you stand out from other professionals in your industry. The basic, bare bones, fromrepparttar 142548 gut, instinctive answer that comes to your mind when someone asks, "Why should I train with you instead of another trainer"?

After all, isn't thisrepparttar 142549 absolute most important question that you could possibly answer? Isn't this similar to a question that you ask yourself every single time you are about to spend money?

When you are headed out torepparttar 142550 grocery store, you decide to go to a particular store. Why? Better prices, usually, although that is not alwaysrepparttar 142551 answer.

If you are going to get gas in your car onrepparttar 142552 way to work, you choose a specific gas station to fuel up. Why? Price sometimes, but often with a convenience store, location is more of a deciding factor.

What about if you are going to go shopping for clothes? What makes you decide to go to an anchor store like Sears or JC Penney instead of going to Target, or Wal-Mart? Certainly not price, sincerepparttar 142553 department stores are usually cheaper. Why did you go torepparttar 142554 mall?

By now you should be starting to see a pattern developing here. Whether you are talking about buying groceries, gas, or clothes, each time when you decide to shop at a certain establishment, there is always some underlying reason WHY you decided on that store. Whatever that reason is, that isrepparttar 142555 Unique Selling Proposition of that store, andrepparttar 142556 way they got your business!

For grocery stores, it is often selection that brings in customers. Gas stations have price wars, but inrepparttar 142557 end it often ends up just being about convenience. Clothing stores get a lot of their business fromrepparttar 142558 brand names that they carry, rather than their rock-bottom prices.

Those 3 examples were chosen to illustrate an incredibly powerful point for you in your personal training business. That point is that you need a Unique Selling Proposition, and contrary to popular belief, having a lower price is notrepparttar 142559 one that you want to choose. In fact, lowering your prices can help you to actually LOSE customers, and will definitely help your business to a lower bottom line!

Now ask yourselfrepparttar 142560 same question again, only this time, really takerepparttar 142561 time to think aboutrepparttar 142562 answer. Why should someone train with you instead of another trainer? It is possible - in fact, even likely - that you may not have a good reason! If that isrepparttar 142563 case, your business is surely suffering as a result, and coming up with your own Unique Selling Proposition should become your highest priority.

Here is a brief but hardly all-encompassing list of ways that your business may stand out from your competitors. Even if none of these ideas apply to you, utilize this list to start thinking of other ways to make yourself a more appealing option for potential clients than your competitors.

Customer Service. This has been one ofrepparttar 142564 most basic business success secrets sincerepparttar 142565 dawn of time, yet personal trainers often don't take care of their customers nearly as well as they should. For some great tips on customer service, seerepparttar 142566 article 'Personal Training: 6 Secrets of Award Winning Customer Service' atrepparttar 142567 following URL:

Experience. People have always valued businesses who have a lot of experience inrepparttar 142568 service being provided, and that is certainly true for personal training. Your client's very health and well-being is in your hands! Don't expect long-term personal training clients if you don't haverepparttar 142569 knowledge to get themrepparttar 142570 results that they are looking for.

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