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Free Downloads - Star Defender

Written by David D. Deprice

Star Defender http://www.deprice.com/stardefender.htm

DESCRIPTION Star Defender is a vertical scrolling space shooter and a spectacular clone of Space Invaders.

You are a test pilot flyingrepparttar Tornado. Your spaceship is controlled by your mouse. The ship is limited to movement inrepparttar 136832 lower line ofrepparttar 136833 play area. Star Defender possesses all ofrepparttar 136834 classic features ofrepparttar 136835 genre: professional and vibrant graphics, breathtaking gameplay and an original soundtrack.

Inrepparttar 136836 game you're a star warrior wanderingrepparttar 136837 mysterious space worlds of an alien Galaxy. You're sent there to defend your world againstrepparttar 136838 invading horde of enemies. If you dare and you can defeat them all!

To fire, pressrepparttar 136839 left mouse button. If you have rockets - pressrepparttar 136840 right mouse button. Tornado can have up to 5 levels of power-ups. Each level gives you both more life and a more powerful weapon. Every time you are hit, you will lose 1 power level.

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