Technology Check List for Meeting Planners

Written by Steve Waterhouse

Use adequate equipment - Computer projectors that requirerepparttar room lights to be down are not acceptable. So are projectors without remote mouse controls! Adjustrepparttar 139410 room - haverepparttar 139411 engineers remove bulbs from fixtures aboverepparttar 139412 screen. Extendrepparttar 139413 "Keystone arm" on screens to leanrepparttar 139414 top forward. It improves viewing significantly. Check electronics ahead of time -

Connect every computer to every projector and sound system Connect every modem to every phone line Connectrepparttar 139415 video conference link (even if it costs more) Advance through every slide program usingrepparttar 139416 remote Test every microphone with every sound system. Walk aroundrepparttar 139417 room while talking into a microphone to check for feedback. Use fresh batteries in everything (and have a spare in your pocket). This includes microphones, remote controls, laser pointers, etc. When usingrepparttar 139418 house sound system in partitioned rooms, ensure that allrepparttar 139419 speakers in your room are on, and that you are not also broadcasting intorepparttar 139420 next room. Tape down all wires. This prevents trips, disconnects and lawsuits. Findrepparttar 139421 hotel A.V. wizard (or union chief) and become their best friend. You must know how to reach them in an emergency. Have 2 designated hosts per room. That way, one can go for help whilerepparttar 139422 other keeps things under control. Ideally, one should be able to assistrepparttar 139423 speaker withrepparttar 139424 technology problems. Have backup equipment

The Turkish Rug Sales Team

Written by Steve Waterhouse

I just returned from speaking in Istanbul, Turkey where I bought, no, I was sold, a rug and inrepparttar process learned that real selling, and especially Team Selling, is alive and well.

The Turkish people are warm and friendly so it was not unusual to be approached by a nice looking, well dressed man in his late 20's as we stood there reading our map. "You are looking for Blue Mosque?" he asked in broken English. "I can show you where entrance is. Come this way." With that he started acrossrepparttar 139409 street and my wife, son Tim and I followed.

As we walked downrepparttar 139410 long sidewalk that leads torepparttar 139411 Blue Mosque, our new friend said, "I am Azad. I am not tour guide, but I show you. You see that building over there? That is family business. After you see Blue Mosque, maybe, just by accident, we sell you a rug. Just by accident." At this point I knew we were in for a great experience that is uniquely Turkish, and we were not disappointed.

The tour ofrepparttar 139412 Blue Mosque was fascinating. We learned aboutrepparttar 139413 thousands of blue tiles that are used to decoraterepparttar 139414 Mosque in place of pictures, which are banned in Mosques byrepparttar 139415 Muslim faith. Azad, who seemed to have a story to accompany each topic, answered every question we asked in wonderful detail. As we leftrepparttar 139416 Mosque we followed our host down a narrow stone alley to an area full of interesting shops. Azad pointed torepparttar 139417 nicest store onrepparttar 139418 block and said, "This is my family store. I show you." We were escorted into a room that was filled with beautiful rugs stacked, rolled and piled neatly in every corner. Azad introduced us to his Uncle, Habib, who ownedrepparttar 139419 store and said that he would like Habib to show us around. With that, Azad left and we never saw him again.

Habib was very well dressed in a blue blazer and starched shirt and he spoke perfect English, which we later learned, he acquired at school in London. "Please, sit." Habib said, motioning us torepparttar 139420 couch. "Before I show you a few of my carpets, it is our tradition that we serve you something to drink. With that, one of his assistance entered carrying a traditional Turkish silver tea service with wonderful apple tea for three. Nowrepparttar 139421 real show began.

Habib told us aboutrepparttar 139422 various styles, materials, patterns and origins ofrepparttar 139423 rugs in his shop. For each type he mentioned, one of his cousins found a beautiful example and flew it out before us. I say 'flew' because that's what he did. He was able to unroll a 5x7 rug and then spin it inrepparttar 139424 air so that it landed at our feet withrepparttar 139425 fringe perfectly straight andrepparttar 139426 carpet unwrinkled. One after anotherrepparttar 139427 rugs were spread out before us until there were easily several dozen rugs of every possible description piled onrepparttar 139428 floor. Finally, Habib asked, "Just so I can get a sense for your preferences, can you tell me, if you were to enjoy a Turkish carpet in your home, what size would fit best?" Gina and I agreed thatrepparttar 139429 5x7 would be best for a floor rug.

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