Techno Marketing

Written by Upal Chakraborty

Inrepparttar IT sector, Technical Knowledge is really necessary. Whetherrepparttar 150477 person is in Sales, Customer Support, Marketing and nevertheless inrepparttar 150478 Technical Department. We need to upgrade ourselves everyday & everymoment. Its just like a doctor who needs to upgrade with new medicines and therapies everyday. Butrepparttar 150479 main magical word is marketing & sales. Withrepparttar 150480 knowledge we are implemention many new things, thats good but we need to market those products. I'm not talking aboutrepparttar 150481 market. Just talking aboutrepparttar 150482 new product

Let Your Employees Make Decisions

Written by Jason Liptow

Let Your Employees Make Decisions

One ofrepparttar best managers I ever had taught me a very valuable lesson about management. She was a manager atrepparttar 150414 first bank I worked at. I was a supervisor of all ofrepparttar 150415 bank tellers. She delegated decision-making powers to all of her staff. Of course,repparttar 150416 level of decision-making was different forrepparttar 150417 different levels of workers. In other words,repparttar 150418 assistant managers hadrepparttar 150419 ability to make decisions on more important matters than didrepparttar 150420 supervisors andrepparttar 150421 supervisors had more leeway than didrepparttar 150422 tellers. It was one ofrepparttar 150423 most important lessons I learned about managing. The idea of giving decision-making powers to a staff is very scary for many managers. They are either afraid to give up power or they are afraid of mistakes being made. But givingrepparttar 150424 power to make decisions to your staff shows that you have trust in them. I am not advocating that every staff member haverepparttar 150425 "power" to make every decision acrossrepparttar 150426 board. Obviously, not every worker is capable of making every decision. Another thing to consider is that managers are usually inrepparttar 150427 position they are in because they possess strong decision-making skills. But it is important to allow all workers to make some decisions. Here are some things to consider when allocating decision-making powers to your staff. 1. Evaluate each worker and allocate decision-making powers based on their position. In my situation, bank tellers did not haverepparttar 150428 same level of authority for making decisions as didrepparttar 150429 managers and supervisors. You still have to maintain separation of powers in order to maintain hierarchy withinrepparttar 150430 organization or business. 2. Inform each worker ofrepparttar 150431 level of decision-making that they possess. Make it clear what they can and cannot do in relations to making decisions. For example, bank tellers hadrepparttar 150432 authority to cash checks for customers up to a certain level of money without having to have a supervisor's permission or approval. Supervisors had a much higher threshold and so on. You do not want bank tellers approving transactions for tens of thousands of dollars without their supervisor's approval. 3. Remember that you, asrepparttar 150433 manager, are still responsible forrepparttar 150434 workers decisions. Do not let them hang out to dry if they make a decision and it is wrong. You must accept accountability for their decision as long as they followedrepparttar 150435 guidelines that you implemented for them. My manager always told her supervisors and assistant managers that we hadrepparttar 150436 authority to make decisions and she would stand behind us on any of them as long as we could show why we made that decision andrepparttar 150437 basis for it.

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