Technical Treason and Eight or Nine reasons why an infra-red mouse is a MUST!

Written by Tranni D'Electric.

Her passion and insight with regard to consumer goods, are unmatched. However, she can be confusing, such is her logical brain. Please make allowances. ---------------------------------------- Infra-red mouses do not have tails!

Allergies to mice can be traced back to a mouse!

You can afford to be careless with crumbs, and stuff.

Cats are less likely to call around.

Consequently, dogs are less likely to call around. Incidentally, I was onrepparttar Internet last night and discovered that dogs actually like cats, and only eat them by accident. Technically, dogs have over-affectionate teeth!

An infra-red mouse does not bite and skirts don't have to be tied betweenrepparttar 118119 legs but fixing aroundrepparttar 118120 waist is still recommended.


Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

The traditional fowl of choice of ministers is usually thought to be chicken. This foul thought, however, is a terrible fallacy.

Nobody would argue, at least for long, that we have sacrificed millions of chickens throughrepparttar years atrepparttar 118118 altar of Christian ministry. Who would think of invitingrepparttar 118119 parson to supper without serving chicken?

Personally, I have had chicken served to me every way imaginable. A few times, I must admit, some hosts cookedrepparttar 118120 fowl of ministerial choice torepparttar 118121 point of non-recognition.

I break no wishbones over this. I have learned to take what I get and ask no questions. The trouble with asking is, somebody always feels obligated to answer. Some things I do not want to know, such as: What is that, doingrepparttar 118122 breaststroke, inrepparttar 118123 gravy?

As a minister, I have consumed my fair share ofrepparttar 118124 fine-feathered fowl in all of its glory. The truth is, chickens are notrepparttar 118125 only fowl of consumption withinrepparttar 118126 scope of ministerial experience.

But, those who have spent any time inrepparttar 118127 sacred ministry know that one bird outranksrepparttar 118128 lowly chicken. That special fowl is Corvus brachyrhynchos. That's right;repparttar 118129 common crow.

Believe me, there is nothing common about this bird except that it is plentiful. The successful minister soon discovers and mastersrepparttar 118130 fine art of eating crow. And this is really something to crow about.

Onrepparttar 118131 surface,repparttar 118132 crow does not look like much, but that's justrepparttar 118133 surface. Under all those feathers is a large, chunky, ebony bird. I should know; I've been eating crow for more than 30 wonderful years.

I must admit, it did take some adjusting on my part. Crow cuisine is an acquired taste n a minister acquires it from his parishioners. There is nothing called "Eating Crow 101" in any seminary in our country n but there should be. It isrepparttar 118134 most important aspect ofrepparttar 118135 Christian ministry.

I learned thisrepparttar 118136 hard way.

The lesson was brought home to me inrepparttar 118137 early days of my pastoral ministry. It began quite innocently, as all things this important do. In my first parish, I found myself walking downrepparttar 118138 main street. This, in itself, is astounding. Many people spend years trying to find themselves. Fortunately for me, I did not have to look very hard.

Those early ministry days can be quite precarious. Anything can happen and never forrepparttar 118139 good.

Onrepparttar 118140 other side ofrepparttar 118141 street, I spied a young chap I recognized from my church. Standing onrepparttar 118142 porch of a large white house, he struggled to reachrepparttar 118143 doorbell. A small lad, he had to jump and still he could not reachrepparttar 118144 doorbell. (There is a reason doorbells are placed so that small boys cannot reach them, but atrepparttar 118145 time ofrepparttar 118146 incident, I did not know these things.)

Inrepparttar 118147 spirit of benevolence, I decided to help my fellow man. Or, at least a little chap, not yet a man.

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