Team Up With Your Competitors

Written by Terence Tan

Pay per click search engines are a great way to get targeted traffic quickly. The only problem is that asrepparttar search terms get more popular,repparttar 128323 price of each click through rises. It is very sad to watch your top ranking fall offrepparttar 128324 first page into obscurity asrepparttar 128325 cost per click rises out of your budget.

One way to get around this is to team up with a few ofrepparttar 128326 "competitors" you find bidding onrepparttar 128327 same term. The idea is that if 10 people agree to cooperate to create a new page listing their ten web sites prominently, sort of like another search results page (which you can call a directory of top 10 sites in your topic), you can pool your resources and pay to get this page listed asrepparttar 128328 top search result for your desired keyword.

Travel Your Way To More Traffic

Written by Ken Mowery

I am not a professional photographer nor am I inrepparttar travel business. However, I stay very busy these days taking scenic photographs and featuring them on my web site because my "not so" professional travel photos are bringing serious traffic to my web pages.

I consider myself a serious hobbyist when it comes to photography. It's a hobby because so far no one is willing to pay for any of my pictures. I know it's a serious hobby because I am never totally honest with my wife when she wants to know just how much I spend on photography. Overrepparttar 128322 years I have been privileged to see and shoot a few ofrepparttar 128323 spectacularly scenic locations that exist inrepparttar 128324 U.S.

When I started designing web pages I was constantly onrepparttar 128325 search for fresh images. One afternoon my search for a waterfall took me intorepparttar 128326 basement of my home where my wife had stored dozens of shoeboxes filled with hundreds of ordinary vacation snapshots. I foundrepparttar 128327 perfect scene for my project amongrepparttar 128328 many photographs I had taken of Niagara Falls.

I scanned several ofrepparttar 128329 Niagara pictures into my computer and tweaked them slightly with an image editor. I was very pleased withrepparttar 128330 results and decided to postrepparttar 128331 images on my personal website. I made a mistake when I typedrepparttar 128332 words andrepparttar 128333 file ended up as "NiagraFalls". I didn't think that much about it because I only planned to publicizerepparttar 128334 Niagara Falls pages to a few friends and relatives so they could enjoyrepparttar 128335 pictures also.

A few weeks later I was checkingrepparttar 128336 stats for my website and noticed that a number of guests had surfed in through search engines. To my surprise 30% of my visitors had come through a search for "niagrafalls". I went to one ofrepparttar 128337 major search engines and keyed in that phrase and was amazed to see that my site was inrepparttar 128338 top ten returns.

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