Teak Garden Furniture - A Lasting Value

Written by Catherine Olivia

The purchase of teak garden furniture is a true investment in value. Teak is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture asrepparttar wood ages beautifully and will give you many, many, carefree years of enjoyment.

Teak is an extremely dense-grained wood and is highly resistant to rot, warping, shrinkage and swelling which makes is ideal for outdoor garden and patio furniture. It is claimed that some teak benches in public parks in England that are still in use today are made of recycled decking from old sailing ships and are nearly a century old. You will want to choose your style of teak furniture carefully as your outdoor teak furniture will be around for many years. It could even outlast you and become a family heirloom!

Teak is also one ofrepparttar 149743 easiest of woods to care for. It will thrive with absolutely no care whatsoever, and over time will develop a patina of silver gray as it ages. It can be left in this natural state or, if you wish, it can be sanded and then rubbed with teak oil to bring back it's original honey color. Teakwood has a life expectancy of 75 years if left untreated. Teak is smooth torepparttar 149744 touch and does not splinter. Most teak furniture owners will leave their teak furniture outside all year long. Left outside during Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, your teak will age gracefully.

Itís Gardening Season!

Written by Melanie Breeze

Itís gardening season again! Are you ready? Whether you are a seasoned gardener, or are looking to start gardening, you will likely need supplies and plants. If you shop smart, and userepparttar tips below, you can get that garden running with very little money. And you can save a lot of money on your grocery bill as well.

There are many different types of gardening, but it is important to learnrepparttar 149139 basics ofrepparttar 149140 activity. Below you will find a list of my tips to planting a garden on a budget.

Learn as much as you can about gardening. Donít pay for gardening books, use your local library. It is free, and you can get a wide assortment of books to get you started. If you find something useful like a planting schedule, photocopy that particular page to keep it in your files. There are many hobby gardening sites online as well, so try to do a Google search for ďgardening.Ē

Plant what you like. Your first garden doesnít have to be a complex one. Donít take on more than you can chew, literally. If you have a small family, plant only what you can eat or give away. Donít plant a huge amount of crops, because you will end up throwing them away atrepparttar 149141 end ofrepparttar 149142 season. Onrepparttar 149143 same note, donít plant things that your family wonít eat. A garden full of spinach might not go over well with your kids, so plan accordingly.

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