Teaching Your Boy the Game of Baseball!

Written by Coach John Peter

Teaching Your Boyrepparttar Game

For those who “coach your son” (or those players who are coached by Dear Old Dad), lend me your ears. Here are some quick and easy thoughts to answerrepparttar 150876 common problems that surround coaching your own kid.

1st & Foremost Help him becomerepparttar 150877 best player that He wants to be. When it becomes more about You,repparttar 150878 coach,repparttar 150879 player’s Dad . . . rethink immediately because you just became ONE OF THEM! You knowrepparttar 150880 guy who's son plays shortstop and pitches, he bats 3rd . . . always . . . and probably shouldn’t . . . yes, there are worse things to be than a pushy baseball Dad . . . sorepparttar 150881 good news is . . . it's curable! But seriously . . . think about this . . .

2nd Considerrepparttar 150882 reality ofrepparttar 150883 above and understand that you probably would treat discipline and talk to your own boy differently than you will withrepparttar 150884 other 12 kids on your team. So when you need to discipline ANY of your team attempt to do this “evenly” and withrepparttar 150885 same methods. This may take practice as well as having a pre-season discussion with your boy, as he knows Dad and just may attempt to take advantage (I know . . . not my boy!). REVISIT #1 . . . lol. Along with this thought isrepparttar 150886 idea of playing time and position play. On all teams there are weak links and positions you just cannot find a player to fill. It’s a common problem especially atrepparttar 150887 younger level up to around age 13.

Here’s my own experience. I have coached my son through many levels, from Tee Ball on up. One year we didn’t have a catcher, so he played catcher a lot when not pitching. Atrepparttar 150888 next level, a player I counted on for a lot of pitching left a hole at short and yet another season, a hole at 2nd. My first reaction each year wasrepparttar 150889 same . . . teach my sonrepparttar 150890 essentials of these positions . . . as long as he understood that he would be helpingrepparttar 150891 team, and me as well. Confiding in him how I was proud of him to makerepparttar 150892 sacrifice didn’t hurt either.

3rd Is it easy? Not every day. Know this now! Why should it always have to be easy? Very few things that are important to two people are always easy. Know that you are each other’s favorite coach and favorite player. Nothing is more important than that!

Successful Baseball Hitters Always Have a Plan!

Written by Coach John Peter

Successful Hitters Always Have a Plan!

Here are some thoughts onrepparttar above topic from a buddy of mine. The guy’s name is Steve Springer.

“If baseball is 90% mental, why do we work on it less than 10% ofrepparttar 150875 time?” "You cannot control getting a hit, but you can control hittingrepparttar 150876 ball hard!"

Who Is This Guy? Springer isn’t just another “dry jock” (a not-so-flattering term given to many broadcasters who never playedrepparttar 150877 game).

No, this guy logged over 7,000 pro AB’s with 11 years in AAA ball alone! He is now a very successful agent for some future Big League Impact Players!

Ok, Lets Get To The Point! Spring also said, and I paraphrase, “The majority of hitters think fastball, curve, slider, change-up on 0-0 counts.”

In My Opinion…This Is Plain Crazy! Maybe some younger athletes can get by on raw ability with this mindset, but sooner than laterrepparttar 150878 game eliminates us all. Some ofrepparttar 150879 biggest reasons are that they can no longer hit quality pitching in their age group.

NOTE: For more information on this last statement, you may want to read an article I wrote onrepparttar 150880 topic entitled, “The Game Eliminates Us All.”

Personally, I think much of this is avoidable…it just takes having a plan! Spring went on to say that “when you are facing Dwight Gooden in his prime, you saw 95 mph followed byrepparttar 150881 hammer (the curveball), YOU BETTER PICK ONE BECAUSE YOU AREN’T ADJUSTING TO ANYTHING! … Doesn’t this make sense?

Ok, Lets Get To Some Real Solutions! We Must Have A Simplified Plan! Ok, how?

Well for starters, Watch The Pitcher! He's going to show you and tell you what you are going to get…if you will really watch him!

It’s not about what you want! (which at best is aboutrepparttar 150882 only plan most youth hitters seem to have.)

It’s about what am I going to get! And how do you know if you don’t watchrepparttar 150883 game?

Fromrepparttar 150884 dugout, whenrepparttar 150885 pitcher warms up, whenever and wherever you can! The pitcher is going to tell you what you are going to get. They live on patterns. Pitchers like to be comfortable and hate it when they are not!

Now, your job is what Ted Williams (perhapsrepparttar 150886 greatest hitting coach of all time) says is of greatest importance...FIND A PITCH TO HIT!

And How Do You Find A Pitch To Hit? You Watch The Game!

HERE’S THE PLAN! 1- Consider that pitchers are taught to get ahead. This means strike one is their aim. What isrepparttar 150887 number one pitch that a batter is likely to see 0-0? Yep, a fastball. In much of youth baseball, chances are that if it is a strike, it will piercerepparttar 150888 fat ofrepparttar 150889 plate.

You walk intorepparttar 150890 box looking to drive this pitch...swinging hard but controlled! If you can’t drive it and hit it hard somewhere, you will leave it! …They give you three strikes anyway, right?

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