Teachers, do not overlook teaching your students how to write checks

Written by Timothy Liptrap

The stock market is in a downturn, corporations are laying off workers, public companies are collapsing and federal law makers wantrepparttar next generation of students to understand how to manage their money.

A subject that was once kept inrepparttar 109458 home is being moved torepparttar 109459 school systems becauserepparttar 109460 teaching of financial education inrepparttar 109461 home is failing. In 2002, 75% ofrepparttar 109462 graduating high school seniors could not answer basic financial concepts. To solverepparttar 109463 problem, teachers at all levels are being asked or pressured to include lessons on subjects such as credit, debt, money management and investments.

A simple, but yet effective money management lesson is to teach children how to write checks and balance a checkbook. It may not be as glamorous as teaching stocks or mutual funds, but will provide practical experience for children of all socioeconomic backgrounds. In a recent study, 87% ofrepparttar 109464 US adult population or 172 million people use a checking account to pay bills. In today's world, it may seem thatrepparttar 109465 concept of using paper checks to pay bills is falling to wayside withrepparttar 109466 onset of ATM / debit cards, direct deposit and electronic funds transfers (EFT). Do not be fooled. The Federal Reserve Bank is predicting to process 50 billion paper checks in 2003. The Nilson Report also states thatrepparttar 109467 volume of paper checks will rise between 2% - 4% each year, through 2020.

Creative Kids Make Intelligent Adults

Written by Alberta Johnson

Creative Kids Make Intelligent Adults: A Must inrepparttar Business World by Alberta S. Johnson http://www.k6artlessonplans.com


Over and over, research shows that kids who receive art lessons while they are young become more imaginative and creative adults. As you may know, creativity is an essential part of intelligence, and is often used as a gauge for measuring IQ.

With increasing demands being placed upon schools, teachers, and youth groups to educate our kids inrepparttar 109457 three R's, education inrepparttar 109458 arts has begun to suffer in many areas ofrepparttar 109459 country in favor ofrepparttar 109460 "more important" or "more practical" subjects.

What people need to understand is that art education in schools IS important, and in fact essential to form well-rounded adults. Inrepparttar 109461 business world, for example, people who are creative are much more likely to find success.  Creativity allows for innovation, a vital characteristic in today's business executive. To stay ahead ofrepparttar 109462 game, for example, a business must be able to initiate and adapt to change.  Both of these things are impossible without creativity, which is best learned at an early age.

Any successful business starts with an idea, and a good idea is innovative, different, and creative.  It speaks to a certain audience and makes people stand up and take notice.  If you lackrepparttar 109463 creativity to come up with such an idea, you're not likely to do very well.

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