Teachers! Do you want to stop the Cheating?

Written by Rich Brunelle

Teachers! Do you want to stoprepparttar Cheating? By: Rich Brunelle

It is really very simple. Just turnrepparttar 105796 clock back to a time before technology gave themrepparttar 105797 ability. I am talking about way back when we had to use pens and pencils to do our school work. Allow me a moment to further explain.

Before technology gave userepparttar 105798 world of information, we had a world of information. But, it came in books. Sure we could plagiarize a little. However for us to plagiarize, we had to physically writerepparttar 105799 information. With today’s technology a simple “cut-n-paste” from two or three different sources, and you don’t even have to read to have your term paper given an “A.”

Ifrepparttar 105800 student is required to hand write school work, they still have to read it. If they have to read it, (god bless their little sponge brains) they at least have a fifty-fifty chance of learning something. The neat part isrepparttar 105801 requirements to hand write schoolwork, also improvesrepparttar 105802 student’s comprehension, teaches them how to spell, increases their vocabulary, and believe it or not . . . teachesrepparttar 105803 student how to write legibly.

The additional benefit of being able to recognize when students have others do their work, byrepparttar 105804 differences in handwriting should also be a consideration. Sure Bart can still turn in his sister Mary’s report from a few years ago. But, not without reading it.


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