Teach Yourself CSS The Easy Way

Written by Erich Bihlman

I taught myself HTML back inrepparttar mid-nineties and was proud ofrepparttar 137600 fact that I was able to accomplishrepparttar 137601 design of fairly complex web pages with nothing more than a starter HTML book, an HTML reference book, andrepparttar 137602 knowledge I had stored in my head. But back in those days, we web designers had what looking back was a fairly limited amount of tools with which to work, andrepparttar 137603 quality (or lack thereof) of sites onrepparttar 137604 web was lackluster at best.

Fast-forward to today: The hand-coder has more powerful and intuitive software packages available that will still allow us "to get our hands dirty", which brings us torepparttar 137605 purpose of this article. Withrepparttar 137606 standardization ofrepparttar 137607 much anticipated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) inrepparttar 137608 late-nineties,repparttar 137609 web design community has become familiar with a much more powerful and precise method of web page layout.

The Ultimate Source of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Written by Jesse S. Somer

When I was young, and that wasn't very long ago (I'm just about to reach my thirtieth birthday), information wasn't easy to get. When it came to education and research about specific issues and ideas one would usually go torepparttar library or possibly to see a professional inrepparttar 137589 area of interest for a chat. If you go back further to tribal times, (still only a quick blink ofrepparttar 137590 Universal Eye) one would go and seerepparttar 137591 wise elders whose knowledge was perceived as paramount. These missions or searches for truth usually meant long hours of waiting for books to be found (if they were available) and waiting in queues. Inrepparttar 137592 case of talking to people inrepparttar 137593 know it meant organizing a time to meet that fit into both of your schedules (if they were willing to spare you any of their valuable time). Withrepparttar 137594 advent ofrepparttar 137595 Internet times have now changed remarkably and this enigmatic tool for information sharing has circumnavigatedrepparttar 137596 knowledge searches of old. We are now entering into an era where knowledge is literally at our fingertips. No more books, queues, or in-person interviews will even be necessary.

The amount of time saved andrepparttar 137597 massive deposit of information that we now have access to could lead to a whole new way of humanity living life and sharing knowledge. The Internet is new, and some people are pessimistic aboutrepparttar 137598 huge amounts of false, misleading, and unproven ideas that we have to sift through to get torepparttar 137599 right stuff. Some even think thatrepparttar 137600 amount of information available is causingrepparttar 137601 modern person's mind to be an over stimulated mass-confusion of ideas both true and false and often irrelevant to one's personal life. The massive proportion ofrepparttar 137602 Internet that has been subsequently taken over and filled with sites of pornography shocks me greatly. Nonetheless, I do believe these to berepparttar 137603 natural 'bugs' that appear with any new contributing element of human society, and in timerepparttar 137604 true role ofrepparttar 137605 Internet will shine through as its purpose starts to gain momentum and fruition.

First of all,repparttar 137606 wide range of sources available on any one specific area is astounding. You can get multiple viewpoints from experts from all overrepparttar 137607 world. If you want to make sure thatrepparttar 137608 information is correct or properly founded, you can read others' views onrepparttar 137609 subject in question as well as researching intorepparttar 137610 researcher themselves, finding out if their studies are based on reputable means and processes.

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