Taxes Made Easy for Your Home-Based Business

Written by Kathy Burns

I had never heard of Gary W. Carter and had never read any of his books until now Ė and I have to say I'm really glad that I did.

Anyone who has a home-based business or is contemplating starting one needs this book on their reference shelf. If you're like most home-based business owners, you have had numerous questions about when and how you can take tax deductions for your home office, supplies and equipment. You've probably wondered what paperwork had to be kept, what information it needed to show and how long you have to keep it as well, right? On top of those questions, there arerepparttar formidable IRS forms that need to be filled out properly in order to qualify forrepparttar 117929 deductions and avoid being audited. If this is you, get this book. You will not be disappointed.

Gary W. Carter,repparttar 117930 book's author, has over 20 years of tax experience. He has worked as a revenue auditor, tax practitioner, and seminar leader on tax issues as they pertain to home-based businesses. In this book, he shares his expertise brilliantly with easy to understand, step by step explanations, examples and instructions.

Carter's combination of historical tax facts, court cases that have set precedence, and changes that will take affect inrepparttar 117931 coming years serve to give you a much better understanding ofrepparttar 117932 entire system and your options within that system. His layman explanations of tax audits, accounting systems, record keeping, and "business" as it is defined byrepparttar 117933 IRS give you a wealth of information to belay your tax fears, and empower you withrepparttar 117934 knowledge you need to getrepparttar 117935 most out of tax time.

The very first chapter inrepparttar 117936 book covers IRS audits. It tells you how audits are done, what to expect and what rights you have. I was surprised to findrepparttar 117937 process is actually simple, direct and fairly non-threatening. From chapter two and on, Carter delves deeply intorepparttar 117938 information ofrepparttar 117939 most importance to home-business owners. Topics includerepparttar 117940 legal definition of a business for tax purposes, allowable deductions and how to record and calculate them, business entity formations andrepparttar 117941 pros, cons and red tape associated with each, and more.

Chapter three is devoted torepparttar 117942 legal entity structure of your business. It goes into more detail than I have yet to find anywhere else Ė and it uses language understandable by evenrepparttar 117943 general public. If you've been reading advice that strongly suggests forming a corporation for legal and tax reasons, and struggling over whetherrepparttar 117944 benefits of this move will outweighrepparttar 117945 red tape that comes with it, you will love this chapter.

Now in all honesty, reading chapter threerepparttar 117946 first time through was slightly overwhelming due torepparttar 117947 sheer amount of information available. I admit I skipped or glazed over a few parts because I couldn't get my head around them, however I learned so much and answered so many of my own questions that it was well worth it. If you are overwhelmed as well, sit it on your reference shelf and refer back to key areas as you need to Ėrepparttar 117948 information will be immensely helpful whether it is your first or tenth time reading it.

How to Take Off Fast with Your Internet Business

Written by Kevin Nunley

The great thing aboutrepparttar Internet is one person can come up with a great idea, put it online, and start earning money--all in a day. Granted, not all of us who try do it so quickly (my Internet biz took a year to earn our first dollar). But you have to admitrepparttar 117928 ability to userepparttar 117929 Internet--a major mass media--for almost no money, is a tremendous opportunity. A lot of variables go into business success, but following these 3 tips increase your chances for quick results.

Find a Niche That REALLY Wants What You Sell

One ofrepparttar 117930 quickest ways to make a business successful is to focus on a small group of people who REALLY want a product or service. Because they arenítrepparttar 117931 biggest group of customers,repparttar 117932 specialized product or service probably isnít going to be available at Walmart.

You may remember Corey Rudl's big two binder Internet promotion course. Atrepparttar 117933 time, there weren't many big and detailed guides torepparttar 117934 subject. Yet, a lot of people were looking for just what Corey had created. He earned $2.5 millionrepparttar 117935 first year.

Many ofrepparttar 117936 customers in your group may not know where they can get what they want. The Internet is an incredibly convenient way for people to search for what it is they want or need. When you show up, specializing in satisfying their demands and giving these customers exactly what theyíve had such a hard time finding, you get an enthusiastic group of long term buyers.

Let me give you an example. I recently spent a few days in Southwest Texas. Itís deep inrepparttar 117937 heart of ranch country. Men and boys still wear cowboy hats just as they have for 150 years. Itís notrepparttar 117938 largest group inrepparttar 117939 world, but these guys really WANT their cowboy hats.

Cory and Victoria noticed that it was hard to find a store that stocked many cowboy hats. Their solution was to open an entire store specializing in them. You can get any kind of hat, styled any way, for any sized head. For many customers their store is regarded as an answer to a prayer. "This isrepparttar 117940 first time in 25 years that Iíve worn a hat that fits my head right," one customer told me.

Next, Cory and Victoria put their store onrepparttar 117941 Internet. What better way to reach a narrow group of customers, spread out overrepparttar 117942 world, who REALLY want their product.

Spend a Little Money for Your Own Website. Affiliate sites and free sites are fine, but you will need to create your own individual space online to makerepparttar 117943 big bucks.

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