Tatami flooring for Yoga, Martial Arts and Judo schools

Written by April Jung

InterlockingFloormat.com is expanding their partnership with all Yoga, Martial Arts, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Tae Kuan Do, and exercise schools. The partnership program will promote all Yoga and Martial Arts schools on its partner webpage. All instructors and studios’ background, website and contact information are introduced on their page .

This is a free marketing opportunity to promote your exercise school in a high traffic website and increase your yoga and martial arts instructor’s reputation. Interlockingfloormat.com is also providing risk free interlocking floor mat sample for all yoga and exercise partner inrepparttar program. If any partner is interested to resell or promoterepparttar 143325 interlocking floor mat for their students, they can receive very aggressive resell pricing or rebate. All partners can increase extra income by introducing a gorgeous interlocking floor mat to their students and earn it without extra effort.

A Gorgeous Flooring for Yoga and exercise, Tatami Interlocking Mats

Written by April Jung

Tatami interlocking floor mats are presented by InterlockingFloorMat.com. This Tatami mat is new generation and comfortable flooring for Yoga, Martial Arts and Exercise Schools.

Most of Yoga, Martial Arts, Karate, Judo, Child-care Centers, Fitness and Exercise centers require a comfortable and safe flooring environment. With a non-slip surface and 5/8 inch thickness interlocking mats, students can avoid many injuries during exercise and enjoyrepparttar comfort in practicing Yoga and exercise. The tatami style interlocking mats can also create a peaceful atmosphere and dynamic environment. The soft rubber form material tatami interlocking floor mats are very easy to assemble, expand, move, store and clean.

The tatami interlocking floor mat is made by EVA textured form. Each mat can cover 9 square foot flooring area and it is 5/8 inch in thickness. Its oriental style designs providerepparttar 143324 comfortable and natural environment for living room, bedroom, home gyms and sun deck. Many Aikido, Karate, Judo and Martial Arts Schools are not onlyrepparttar 143325 user, but also start introducing these mats to their students. Most of them have become partners of Interlockingfloormat.com after having excellent experience with tatami interlocking floor mats. If you like to know more about this floor mat, please visit www.interlockingfloormat.com

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