Tasting Wine

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Wine Tasting Component I: Look

The first step you have to undertake in wine tasting is visual. 1. Fill uprepparttar glass up to 1/3 of its volume; never fill it more than half; 2. Holdrepparttar 113080 glass byrepparttar 113081 stem. Initially you may find this too pretentious but there are good reasons for it: а) by doing it this way you can actually observerepparttar 113082 wine in it; b) this will keep your fingerprints offrepparttar 113083 bowl; в)repparttar 113084 heat from your palm will not changerepparttar 113085 temperature ofrepparttar 113086 wine. There’s a good saying by one ofrepparttar 113087 greatest French wine lovers, Emil Painot: Offer someone a glass of wine and you can immediately tell whether he/she is a connoisseur byrepparttar 113088 way they holdrepparttar 113089 glass.” Even though you may not think of yourself as a connoisseur, you could still learn how to holdrepparttar 113090 wine glass. 3. Focus onrepparttar 113091 color intensity andrepparttar 113092 transparency ofrepparttar 113093 liquid. a)repparttar 113094 color ofrepparttar 113095 wine, and more specifically its nuances, are best observed on a white background. б)repparttar 113096 wine’s intensity is best judged by holdingrepparttar 113097 glass without slanting it and looking atrepparttar 113098 liquid from above; 4. Next comesrepparttar 113099 swirling ofrepparttar 113100 glass. This can also seem too pretentious or even dangerous if you have a full glass or a white top. But this movement is important since it prepares you forrepparttar 113101 next step in wine tasting –repparttar 113102 Taste. The easiest way to swirlrepparttar 113103 glass is to place it on a table or other even surface, and to swirl your hand while holdingrepparttar 113104 glass byrepparttar 113105 stem. Swirl hard and haverepparttar 113106 wine almost touchrepparttar 113107 rim ofrepparttar 113108 glass. Then stop. The wine leaves tiny traces with irregular shapes onrepparttar 113109 inside ofrepparttar 113110 glass. Some “experts” then read them with as much zeal as coffee-tellers. The truth is however, that they are just an indicator forrepparttar 113111 quality ofrepparttar 113112 wine –repparttar 113113 more alcohol a wine has,repparttar 113114 more wine traces it forms. What doesrepparttar 113115 color ofrepparttar 113116 wine tell us? The wine’s color tells us many things about its character. First,repparttar 113117 color showsrepparttar 113118 grape variety. Let’s take two popular varieties as examples – cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. Cabernet’s grapes are smaller, with a thicker and darker skin than those of pinot noir. As a result,repparttar 113119 color of wines made from cabernet sauvignon is usually described as violet to dark whilerepparttar 113120 color of wines made from pinot noir is associated with ruby.

Helen's Pan Fried Seabass

Written by Helen Porter

Fish is, as they say, good for you. It contains a wealth of 'good' fats and protein, not to mention vitamins. Most people, however, seem a little restricted in their choice of fish, sticking with trout and salmon mostly. So why not experiment a little with some ofrepparttar other wonderful fish out there? like sea-bass, or example! Sea-bass is a light white fish with a very mild flavor, and this easy-to-make dish is perfect for a dinner party sincerepparttar 113079 vegetables can be pre-prepared and then heated atrepparttar 113080 last moment. The ingredients you need are:-

2 Fillet Sea-bass 2 Peppers - Yellow & Red work for colour Spring Onions x 4 cut into 2 pieces Asparagus x8 tips 1 Large Courgette Olive Oil Balsamic Oil Garlive clove - crushed Butter 75g Whole Lemon cut into quarters Salt & Pepper

First you need to prepare your Pepper Butter with which you will fryrepparttar 113081 fish later.

Char-grill one half of a pepper (rub in a little oil oil). Once soft and cooked leave to cool. Mix in withrepparttar 113082 lightly salted butter, grind in a little pepper and squeeze one quarter ofrepparttar 113083 lemon over it. Putrepparttar 113084 mixture into a large piece of clingfilm inrepparttar 113085 middle in a long sausauge shape. Rollrepparttar 113086 cling-film so you haverepparttar 113087 butter inrepparttar 113088 middle in a sausage shape but covered over (this is a style preferred by www.HelensRecipes.com staff, byrepparttar 113089 way!). Put inrepparttar 113090 freezer - this will give you nice 'circle' shapes for cooking and presentation

Now slicerepparttar 113091 peppers into 4 pieces andrepparttar 113092 half pepper into 2 pieces. Cut your large courgette in half and then chop each half into 4 slices length ways so you get long slices rather than little round chunks. Rub all over with a little olive oil and chargrill. These should take around 25 minutes - take offrepparttar 113093 heat once cooked.

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