Tasteful Gift Giving

Written by Bob Bassett

It's not just fruit any more... food gift baskets now come in every variety, from champagne and truffles to Cajun cooking kits. With such a wide selection, and in every size imaginable, there is sure to be something for everyone. A food gift basket is a great gift for any occasion, from housewarmings to Christmas, too.

Food gift baskets come in a wide variety, from cheese and smoked sausages to munchies to classic fruit baskets. The variety is virtually unlimited. Some focus on specific brand items, for instance Godiva chocolate, Mrs. Fields cookies, or Starbucks coffee. There are also baskets with special dietary considerations in mind, such as kosher of vegetarian.

Available in a variety of price ranges, it is easy to find a food gift basket that will fit your budget. Inexpensive varieties start at under $20 and luxury versions can be as much as $200. In addition to being packaged in baskets, some options include stackable boxes or displays including food related items such as a picnic basket with dining utensils or a cutting board. Look for seasonal themes, as well. Some baskets may feature Christmas cookies or fruitcakes duringrepparttar holiday season.

Coffee With Class

Written by Bob Bassett

A gift basket loaded with gourmet coffee and snacks is a present sure to be appreciated by coffee connoisseur and college students alike. Coffee gift baskets are available with both decaf, for those who enjoyrepparttar flavor, and regular coffee, forrepparttar 141592 caffeine addicts you know.

Coffee gift baskets often come with not only coffee, but cookies, biscotti, and other treats. In addition, many include mugs or other coffee related items such as canisters or grinders. If your recipient has a preferred brand of coffee, such as Gevalia or Starbucks, you are in luck! Many premium coffee brands are available in gift baskets.

For college students, look for a coffee gift basket that includes instant coffee products that require onlyrepparttar 141593 addition of hot water since they may not have access to a coffee maker to brew ground coffee. For coffee lovers that preferred brewed coffee but don.t have a coffee maker, look for a gift basket that includes a small French press.


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