Tarot Decks Come in Three Flavors

Written by Joey Robichaux

Interested in learning how to read Tarot cards? If so, one of your first decisions will be "What style of deck should I use".

Although there are now hundreds of brands of Tarot decks, most fall into one of three general styles -- Marseilles, Rider-Waite-Smith (also called Rider-Waite, or just RWS), and Thoth.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck -- 13 cards in each of four different suits, plus an extra 22 cards calledrepparttar "Trump" cards. These 22 trump cards are known asrepparttar 122149 Major Arcana,repparttar 122150 remaining 56 cards are calledrepparttar 122151 Minor Arcana. It'srepparttar 122152 treatement ofrepparttar 122153 Major and Minor Arcana that determines which general style your deck follows.

The first style -- Marseilles -- followsrepparttar 122154 traditional, old-school style found in early Tarot decks. The artwork onrepparttar 122155 Major Arcana tends to be simple and limited to only a few colors. The Minor Arcana looks much like ordinary playing cards -- there are four face cards (King, Queen, Knight, Page) and 10 "pip" cards (Ace through Ten). Again,repparttar 122156 artwork onrepparttar 122157 face cards tends to be simple. The pip cards don't have artwork other than a "pip" count. For instance, a Five of Swords will have five swords depicted onrepparttar 122158 card.

The Marseilles style looks so much like playing cards because Tarot decks were originally used to play a card game! It wasn't until later that mystics began to use these decks for divinatory purposes.

The second style of deck -- RWS (After Rider,repparttar 122159 publisher, Waite,repparttar 122160 designer, and Smith,repparttar 122161 artist) -- was published inrepparttar 122162 early 1900's. It was designed fromrepparttar 122163 very beginning for magickal use.

Use psychic powers to choose winning lotto numbers

Written by Barbara Rhodan

I am often asked by my friends how I managed to winrepparttar lottery, andrepparttar 122148 answer usually surprises them! My win, although not huge by modern standards, was achieved with very little effort, and almost no expense. The secret? Usingrepparttar 122149 psychic powers we all have in order to predictrepparttar 122150 winning lotto numbers.

The method is simple, and easy to use, and should work just as well for you as it worked for me. After all, there is no monopoly on psychic talents! First, you need to get hold of a plumb weight. This can be a simple piece of lead, or a fancy crystal - it is up to you asrepparttar 122151 actual material is irrelevant. You will also need some string, some paper, and a pen. Scissors might also come in handy.

Make a pendulum by attachingrepparttar 122152 plumb weight torepparttar 122153 string. Write out all 49 lottery numbers onrepparttar 122154 paper (tip - try a 7 x 7 'grid' - this will make it easier to cut them out later! i.e. onrepparttar 122155 first line write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 onrepparttar 122156 second write 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and so on). Cut outrepparttar 122157 numbers into little squares, and place them face down on a smooth surface - your coffe table, for example. make sure they are well seperated (at least a couple of inches between numbers).

Now you must shuffle uprepparttar 122158 numbers, so you don't consciously know which one is which. This is a very important step, so don't overlook it. Next we are going to 'dowse' forrepparttar 122159 numbers that will winrepparttar 122160 very next lotto. The basics, of this technique, of course, go way back. When I was a little girl, afterrepparttar 122161 War, I remember a friend of my father's coming round to dowse for a source of water inrepparttar 122162 cottage we had just occupied. I watched fascinated as he walked back and forward, with a couple of hazel twigs, until suddenly, they jerked together, and he said "Here".

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