Targeted Ezine Advertising

Written by Marla Bland

So... what does "targeted ezine advertising" mean? It means placing your ads in ezines that are related torepparttar product or service you are promoting. The readers of these ezines should potentially be more interested in your offer.

Let's get started!

Step 1 CHOOSING THE RIGHT EZINES A good place to start is by looking in ezine directories. Most directories either have search capabilities orrepparttar 125065 ezines are listed in specific categories. I like to use a directory that gives information such as whenrepparttar 125066 listing was updated,repparttar 125067 number of subscribers, first issue date, ifrepparttar 125068 publisher accepts free ads, and rates for paid ads.

Two directories you could use to start your search are:

The freezineweb listing gives all ofrepparttar 125069 above information and much more such as ad rules, ads per issue, articles excepted, ad swaps, etc.

You can also enter a search directly into a search engine such as Google - For example, if your product were vitamins, you could searchrepparttar 125070 term "health ezines". Ifrepparttar 125071 vitamins were distributed by an MLM program, you could also search "MLM ezines" or "Network Marketing ezines".

Look at sample issues, if possible, and subscribe to those ezines you think will be best for your ad. Read a few issues to getrepparttar 125072 feel ofrepparttar 125073 kind of contentrepparttar 125074 ezine covers.

At this point, you should be able to make a list of targeted ezines that contain quality content. Content that you feel many ofrepparttar 125075 subscribers are reading. Includerepparttar 125076 number of subscribers for each ezine.

Step 2 PICKING THE EZINES There are a couple of other things you could look at to narrow downrepparttar 125077 field. First, what sort of ads doesrepparttar 125078 publisher sell? Top sponsor? Bottom sponsor? Solo? Classified? Where arerepparttar 125079 ads placed? Classified ads placed in a separate ad sheet are nearly worthless. No content, no readers. How many ads are in each issue? Is there a blank line afterrepparttar 125080 headline to draw attention? Dorepparttar 125081 ads look appealing to you?

"The Art of Networking Online"

Written by Merle

Yes, that's right I said "art." Learning to network online is an art form in itself. If you learnrepparttar ropes and do it correctly, you'll getrepparttar 125064 word out on your Net business and "win friends and influence people" all atrepparttar 125065 same time.

Don't get me wrong -- it's not easy, and it will involve donating some of your time and energy to help others. You'll be contributing your knowledge and experience, which inrepparttar 125066 long run will make you "shine" and come out looking like an expert in your field.

There are three main tools you'll need to incorporate into your daily life in order to become an "online networking warrior."

Here they are:

E-Mail: E-mail is an important part of your life as an online entrepreneur. You should be answering all of your email within 24 to 48 hours to show you're actually reading it and taking care of business. Nothing will turn people off faster then your not responding to their emails in a timely fashion. Stay on top of it. No matter whatrepparttar 125067 requests are takerepparttar 125068 time to answer each and everyone even if it's just to say "thank you."

Next, you should be subscribed to as many ezines as possible that cater to your field of expertise. By doing so you'll be keeping "your ear torepparttar 125069 ground," and will always be aware of any new trends or competitors in your field. I subscribe to hundreds.Do they take time to read? Yes. Is it time well spent? Absolutely. Many times I hear about new products/services before anyone else in my field, which gives me a competitive edge. Find ezines that are right for you and start subscribing to them today. You'll find many at:

Another way of utilizing email is to reach out and touch someone. No, I'm not talking about sending Spam here. Maybe you've just read a great article online, why not droprepparttar 125070 author a note telling him or her how much you enjoyed it. It's always nice to receive a friendly email with a sincere compliment. Who knows,that one email could turn that person into an alliance downrepparttar 125071 road who may be willing to do you a favor. He may even visit your website through your email signature and eventually become a client. Never miss an opportunity to "make friends" online and increase your networking circle.

Another tactic I often use comes into play when I see an article or a mention of a website where I knowrepparttar 125072 site owner. I'll send himrepparttar 125073 link so he can take a look with a short note stating "Hey, did you know you're mentioned here?" You'd be surprised atrepparttar 125074 number of people who didn't know their article was being run or that their website was being discussed and they really will appreciaterepparttar 125075 "heads up" from you. Again, never miss an opportunity to do something nice and get your name out there.

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