Tapping Primal Life Force

Written by Keith Varnum

Whenrepparttar residents ofrepparttar 126220 Scottish spiritual community of Findhorn first encountered Pan inrepparttar 126221 forest, Pan asked them to convey a message fromrepparttar 126222 Beings of Nature torepparttar 126223 rest of humanity. Pan said: “Tell them, ‘We never left—you did.’”

The colorful toucans squawked from within their tiny cage: “Why would any free spirit ever confine another free being?”

The incarceration had renderedrepparttar 126224 once vibrant birds withdrawn and lifeless captives. Their eyes cried this piercing question just asrepparttar 126225 same bewilderment echoes fromrepparttar 126226 dull gaze of every animal in every zoo:

“Why would any being with heart ever driverepparttar 126227 dagger of imprisonment intorepparttar 126228 heart of another being?”

The answer is obvious. No being with heart would shackle another free being. No being whose spirit still lives would ever killrepparttar 126229 spirit of another being—by any means.

The beseeching toucans were on exhibit atrepparttar 126230 country inn where I stayed in Costa Rica. The innkeeper explained he was building a huge cage around a tree sorepparttar 126231 birds would have a whole tree around which to fly and live. Butrepparttar 126232 confined birds told me they didn’t want a larger enclosure. No cage would ever be big enough. Their spirits needed to be free. After a few days, I could no longer look intorepparttar 126233 toucans’ eyes. Before long, I avoided going near their cage altogether.

Instead of focusing onrepparttar 126234 plight ofrepparttar 126235 caged toucans, I was guided by my inner coach to explorerepparttar 126236 free and untamed treasures ofrepparttar 126237 stunningly vibrant and beautiful country of Costa Rica. During my travels, I was blessed by direct encounters with wild animals, virgin forests, raging rivers and an erupting volcano. In their natural state, these diverse elements of life were undomesticated, unbridled, unfettered and unspoiled. Every cell of my body feltrepparttar 126238 raw, free essence of each basic kingdom of nature: mammal, reptile, bird, plant, water and mineral.

I connected with a sloth hanging out in its jungle haunt, a tabor scouringrepparttar 126239 forest carpet for grubs, a crocodile sunning in a sultry swamp and a very curious iguana checking me out throughrepparttar 126240 mist of a waterfall. I shuddered atrepparttar 126241 primitive roar of jaguars too close for comfort. I witnessed reptiles called “Jesus lizards” with so much aliveness they literally walk on water, skimming acrossrepparttar 126242 surface on webbed feet.

I reveled inrepparttar 126243 unrestrained, exuberant expression of brilliant orchids, enticing mushrooms and outlandish fungi. The beauty and grace of exotic parrots, wild toucans and resplendent quetzal birds awed me. I was gratefully battered byrepparttar 126244 uncontrollable strength of ocean surf. Standing atrepparttar 126245 edge of an exploding volcanic cauldron, I exalted inrepparttar 126246 undiluted rapture ofrepparttar 126247 fiery, flowing lava.

Soon I began to appreciate my soul’s purpose in sending me to this lush, virgin land. My spirit’s strategy was for me to encounter so many dynamic examples ofrepparttar 126248 exhilaration of raw nature that I would break through torepparttar 126249 other side of my rigid, conditioned, overly civilized state of being. And I did!

Through diverse outer appearances of vitality, I connected withrepparttar 126250 inner source that animates all forms of life. I danced with deer riding waves of natural electricity over grassy hills. I soared with caracara hawks spiraling with wind currents above luxuriant valleys. I clamored with howler monkeys playing inrepparttar 126251 rain forest canopy. I surrendered with meandering sea turtles to rhythmic tidal currents.

Onrepparttar 126252 surface, animals, plants, rocks and volcanoes appear to be solid forms. Through intimate contact, I discovered firsthand that what creates these seemingly immutable shapes is primal life force,repparttar 126253 basic essence generating and driving all forms of life.

A volcano in Costa Rica wasrepparttar 126254 natural element that shared this secret with me inrepparttar 126255 most dramatic, effective and revealing way. Whenrepparttar 126256 molecules of mountain granite are sped up by intense heat,repparttar 126257 true nature of this solid form is disclosed as being fluid, moving, alive energy. Universal life force is so fundamental and powerful, it melts granite. It transformsrepparttar 126258 most condensed form of matter into molten lava, liquid rock. Primordial life force is so alive, pure, wild and basic that it’s potent enough to liberaterepparttar 126259 most rigid crystallized matter into free-flowing life expression.

My soul arranged for me to “accidentally” stumble throughrepparttar 126260 dense fog onto an active lava flow forrepparttar 126261 purpose of exposing me in a very palpable, tangible way torepparttar 126262 true nature of all reality. Walking on this semi-solid river of fire, I absorbedrepparttar 126263 raw, innocent, spontaneous vital energy lying atrepparttar 126264 core of all physical manifestations of life. I merged withrepparttar 126265 alchemical power of basic life force—uncontrollable, undiluted and pristine.

The direct transmission I received fromrepparttar 126266 volcano and allrepparttar 126267 other wild creatures of Costa Rica is that this fundamental life force energy is as available to us humans as it is to them! If we choose to unite with this energy and allow divine alchemy, we also can become one withrepparttar 126268 pure, primal, passionate, undivided, unqualified, unlimited expression of life. This underlying flow is referred to byrepparttar 126269 Chinese asrepparttar 126270 Tao—the river of knowing,repparttar 126271 central stream of consciousness,repparttar 126272 God current that is our true nature and essence.

The harsh contrast betweenrepparttar 126273 toucans in captivity andrepparttar 126274 toucans inrepparttar 126275 wild awakened me torepparttar 126276 magnitude ofrepparttar 126277 aliveness and connection we humans lost somewhere alongrepparttar 126278 way in our collective life journey. The fact that we cage toucans and other animals in zoos and homes aroundrepparttar 126279 world is a clear indication of how far we have removed ourselves fromrepparttar 126280 natural vitality and joy of freedom—both our own and that of other inhabitants of Earth.

Our human quest for love, security and energy cannot be achieved as long as we remain in a state of consciousness in which we systematically seek to controlrepparttar 126281 freedom of our fellow beings—human and otherwise. Inrepparttar 126282 process of “civilizing” our species, we humans have become conditioned to not feel deep, dynamic passion and love for life. Our collective heart,repparttar 126283 world’s heart, has become so crystallized and armored that it is now as hard and cold asrepparttar 126284 granite of a mountain. Our collective heart has turned to stone. Only a granite heart could do what we are doing torepparttar 126285 natural expression of life—within ourselves and onrepparttar 126286 planet.

The original Old English meaning ofrepparttar 126287 word panic was “ofrepparttar 126288 nature of Pan: wild and free-flowing.” But now we humans are so shut down, controlling and cut off from nature—and from our own vital electric nature—that we experience “wild and free-flowing” energy as scary and threatening. Life’s creative enthusiasm sends us into a panic inrepparttar 126289 modern sense. Most of us are terrified of living fully alive and free.

How can we humans reverse this process? How can we meltrepparttar 126290 granite façades of our public institutions—and our own faces—that so starkly reflectrepparttar 126291 state of our hardened soul? How can we re-lightrepparttar 126292 pilot light and stokerepparttar 126293 cosmic fire within us?

Who's the You Running Your Life?

Written by Keith Varnum

Get Drama and Trauma Out of Your Karma

You finally make a friend or get a hot date with someone you're attracted to-then blow it by acting aloof or not being yourself.

Have you ever hadrepparttar experience of deciding to take a certain action, but end up doing something quite different? Crazy! Why do we do that? Often our actions are being run by decisions we made as a kid. Decisions that went on automatic, underground, behind-the-scenes, and now, affect us unconsciously. Decisions that are now controlling our actions inrepparttar 126219 present moment without us being aware of them.

You land an exciting job-then blow it by "copping an attitude" withrepparttar 126220 boss or customers.

Why do we get so off track after we begin with such good intention and courage? It's those pesky childhood decisions! As we grew up, we developed strategies to survive at home and in school. We wanted our parents' love and attention and a safe place to live. We wanted to belong, get asked torepparttar 126221 prom, and pass exams-while not getting beaten up byrepparttar 126222 school bully or humiliated by gossip.

We decided to act in certain ways to keep ourselves as socially acceptable and secure as possible.

Congratulations, You Succeeded!

The survival strategies you developed as a kid worked! These behavior patterns were good, positive, beneficial, even brilliant. They succeeded in doingrepparttar 126223 job they were designed to do in that situation at that time. The proof-you're reading this. These tactics kept you alive! Perhaps a bit bruised, but still breathing. Breathing, but maybe not as happy as you could be.

Once a Friend-Now a Foe

Have you noticed you're still using some ofrepparttar 126224 same behavioral strategies to get what you want as an adult that you used in your youth?

Playing naïve. Being passive-aggressive. Manipulative. Moody. Sarcastic. Confused. Spacey. Overly sexy. Other kid tactics: Pouting. Flirting. Whining. Complaining. Hiding. Running away. Giving up. Fantasizing. Acting dumb. Having accidents. Getting sick. Playing tough. Actingrepparttar 126225 fool. Telling white lies. Acting like a victim. Pretending you're someone you're not.

Do these tactics work currently in your adult life to create what you really want-loving mutual relationships, lasting support from people andrepparttar 126226 universe, vibrant health, boundless energy, real joy? Usually not! Sincerepparttar 126227 circumstances and nature of our adult challenges have changed dramatically since we were young, most kid strategies are no longer appropriate or effective. In fact, these old tactics now get inrepparttar 126228 way of reaching our goals.

Why Don't Childhood Successes Work for Adults?

Because any behavior that is unconscious and automatic can't adjust to new, different and changing situations. So, these conditioned childhood survival strategies come back to haunt us when we use them as adults-like disruptive ghosts fromrepparttar 126229 past. As adults, we still seek to be liked, to be included, and to makerepparttar 126230 grade at work. But instead of applying fresh intuitive responses that are appropriate torepparttar 126231 current challenges, we are on autopilot-unconsciously controlled byrepparttar 126232 programmed decisions we made to deal withrepparttar 126233 trauma and drama of our childhood.

Here are two real-life examples my friend Sulana shares from her life that demonstrate how childhood decisions affectrepparttar 126234 way we create life inrepparttar 126235 present:

The Great Pretender

"When I was young, my punishment du jour was being sent to my room. My room became a safe haven fromrepparttar 126236 rantings and irrational behavior of my alcoholic parents. To lessenrepparttar 126237 scoldings and whippings, I quickly learned to stay silent about what I felt or observed. I naturally created strategies to keep myself as safe as possible: hiding my feelings, telling white lies, using sarcasm, and spending lots of time alone. And I discovered I got attention from my parents by getting ill or acting confused. So, I developed asthma and played dumb.

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