Tap Into 'Hidden' Assets and Multiply Your Profits!

Written by Edward Green

Many aspiring entrepreneurs don't have enough faith in their ability to build a successful home-based business for themselves. Their greatest concern is basically this: IT COSTS MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. Unfortunately strapped for cash, many simply don't believe they haverepparttar necessary resources to succeed.

If you're held back by these mistaken thoughts (or even if you DO believe you haverepparttar 117974 resources you need to succeed), you'll want to keep reading. Because... I'm about to share insiders' secrets with you to a PROVEN marketing strategy, one which will enable you to discover and tap into 'hidden' assets potentially worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Introducing... Host/Beneficiary Marketing

This marketing strategy can be 'pure dynamite' for you! The strategy has been described by Mike Enlow as "the fastest, easiest way on earth to make a fortune." It has been called "Joint Ventures Marketing," "Endorsed Offer Marketing", and "Fusion Marketing" by its various proponents. Perhaps its greatest advocate, Jay Abraham (my mentor), has referred to this strategy as setting up a "Host/Beneficiary Relationship."

Here's what's great about this approach to marketing. It can be done with little or no financial investment, and it WORKS (producing thousands and thousands of dollars in profits for those who understand how to use it well)!

'In a nutshell'... these arerepparttar 117975 basics of how it's used.

A Host company agrees to let a Beneficiary company send a sales message to people onrepparttar 117976 Host company's customer list.

Thoughrepparttar 117977 Beneficiary usually preparesrepparttar 117978 message, it's signed (and endorsed) byrepparttar 117979 Host. This capitalizes onrepparttar 117980 Host's relationship with His/Her customers (Host's valuable 'hidden' asset). It's a fact... customer lists are recognized as valuable business assets byrepparttar 117981 IRS.

For use of this list,repparttar 117982 Beneficiary typically agrees to share a portion ofrepparttar 117983 profits withrepparttar 117984 Host. Also, many timesrepparttar 117985 Beneficiary will give FREE items torepparttar 117986 Host's customers who take advantage ofrepparttar 117987 offer inrepparttar 117988 message.

That makes it a "win-win" deal for everyone (the Beneficiary,repparttar 117989 Host, andrepparttar 117990 Host's customers)!

Now let's suppose you have a product. Expand your thinking as to what a product is (onrepparttar 117991 Internet, it could be an ebook, a piece of software, an affiliate program, or even an MLM business opportunity).

8 Tips for working from home

Written by Verena Zbinden

1. The biggest obstacle - YOU!

Yes, you read correctly - it's you! Now that you are your own boss,repparttar only attitude you can control is your own. You have to project a positive attitude whether you are face to face, onrepparttar 117973 telephone or onrepparttar 117974 computer, people can feel your moods, even from your writing.

Whether you want to work your home business part-time or full-time, do not work it just occasionally. If you treat your new business as a hobby, you will be paid like a hobby and frankly, I have not seen a hobby that pays you well enough... BE CONSISTENT AND PERSISTENT!

2. Get rid of negative people!

You have two options when it comes to people. They either follow you, or make sure you get out of their way! Look for people who want to change. You can't deal with whiners!

3. So now you do not have to get up inrepparttar 117975 morning...

After all, you are your own boss... Whether you work a regular 9-5 job or work from home, it is impertinent that you manage your time. Have a daily planner and markrepparttar 117976 time you will work, eat, read (yes, educate yourself continually!), have fun, sleep, etc. This will be your ideal workday.

Make sure and find a healthy balance between all your activities. Don't forget your family, they're important too... reserve time to spend with your loved ones.

4. Back to time management... it's double important!

I have found that successful people who work from home have deadlines, do not have time to talk for hours onrepparttar 117977 phone with friends, and above all, are more productive. If you find yourself saying "I do not have time" ask yourself how many hours you watch TV... or do other wasteful activities?

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