Tantrums - Breaking the Cycle

Written by Ann Harth

Tantrums don't suddenly appear. They are learned. Controlling or eliminating tantrums is not complicated, but it is hard work. It will be easier if you keep one simple premise in mind:

Tantrums aren't personal. Toddlers and pre-school children don't throw tantrums because they want to be naughty. They don't scream and yell because they want to hurt you. Children throw tantrums because they work. It is your job to make tantrums fail. "Can I have a lollipop?"

This sentence hasrepparttar power to invoke a racing heart and sweating palms in many parents.

The answer is no. The child raises her voice. The answer is still no. The child drops torepparttar 150641 floor. The answer turns into a discussion andrepparttar 150642 child's voice increases in volume. The tears flow,repparttar 150643 shrieks begin and, after a few parental self-conscious glances at near by shoppers repparttar 150644 answer becomes yes.

Sound familiar?

What makesrepparttar 150645 child inrepparttar 150646 next aisle accept 'no' with a shrug ofrepparttar 150647 shoulders or a nod? Why is your childrepparttar 150648 one who throw tantrums?

There is no easy answer to this question, but there are some patterns of thinking and practical methods that you can use to breakrepparttar 150649 cycle.

It is a simple, yet powerful fact. A child's behavior can be modified. Rewarding a behavior will increaserepparttar 150650 occurrence of that behavior. Ignoring it will decrease and often eliminaterepparttar 150651 behavior.

A child who throws tantrums gets this message: If I yell loud enough and long enough, I'll get what I want.

The message you want them to get is: It doesn't matter how long or hard I yell, I'm not going to get what I want.

The tantrums may be just developing. They may have been an unhappy part of family life for months or even years. Whateverrepparttar 150652 situation, if they're still happening, they're working.

So, how do you start?

* Commit yourself. When you decide to eliminate tantrums from your life, you are not fighting your child. You are in a battle forrepparttar 150653 good of your child. You will create a more peaceful home environment and closer relationships within your family. You will also teach your child self-discipline. This is a vital skill when dealing with society. Teachers, bosses and most friends will not crumble underrepparttar 150654 weight of your child's demands.

Tantrums won't disappear immediately. If your child is just beginning to learnrepparttar 150655 components of a truly inspired tantrum, you may not have far to go. A few unwavering sessions may be all that is needed. If, however, your child has been honing his tantrum technique for months or even years, success may take a little longer. Even so, with consistency and perseverance, it will work.

* Identifyrepparttar 150656 triggers. When do most tantrums occur? Are they sparked by bedtime? Meal times? When shopping? While you are onrepparttar 150657 phone? Make a list and be aware. Figure out ways to help your child succeed. If eating dinner is a problem, give her tiny portions. If too much TV is a problem, offer more interesting alternatives.

Top List Of Baby Girls Names - Choosing Perfect Baby Names For Girls

Written by Olinda Rola

The list of baby girls names that arerepparttar most popular can help you when deciding on which names arerepparttar 150621 best baby names for girls. Choosing her name is fun forrepparttar 150622 parents, family and friends, and her name will be something she will live withrepparttar 150623 rest of her life. Keep these tips in mind when selecting baby names for girls:

1. Select names based on their meanings - a positive meaning adds torepparttar 150624 enjoyment of her name both now and later in life.

2. Decide if you prefer popular names or unique names -repparttar 150625 list of baby girls names below arerepparttar 150626 most popular names inrepparttar 150627 USA sincerepparttar 150628 year 2000. If you choose a unique name, be careful. Constantly having her name mispelled or mispronounced can be frustrating for her and everyone else.

3. Practice saying baby names for girls aloud - how do they sound? Sayrepparttar 150629 entire name - first, middle and last. Do they rhyme? If your last name is complicated, a simpler first name may work best. If your last name is simple, try simple first names and try first names that are more complicated.

4. Dorepparttar 150630 names for baby girls initials you are considering form any kind of word? If a word is formed, is it OK? For example, you will not want to create a name combination that results in initials such as BAD, NOT, WUS, FAT and so on.

5. Are there common nicknames that are associated withrepparttar 150631 names? Arerepparttar 150632 nicknames acceptable to you? Willrepparttar 150633 nicknames be acceptable to her?

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