Tanning bed lotions can help prevent skin cancer

Written by Sher Matsen

Know who would have that that a bull frog and a tanner had something in common. Well guess what, they do! The new Bullfrog Sunscreen Company offers a full line of sun and tanning bed lotions for residential and commercial use, to reduce your risk of tanning skin cancer. All of their products offer varying levels of sunscreen protection.

This new sunscreen and sun tan lotion line is bragging about its extra features that are perfect forrepparttar world we live in today. Their products are especially beneficial for those that enjoyrepparttar 150985 outdoors, for children, and for people who work outdoors and want to protect their skin

Their full line of creams and tanning lotions boast about their staying power. They are able to up to 8 hours, thatís nearly a full day of coverage with having to worry about reapplying.

Now if thatís not enough to tickle your fancy, this bullfrog is also a bug repellent. Nothing like having your frog onrepparttar 150986 job all day! Better yet,repparttar 150987 manufacture guarantees that their product wonít drip no matter how much you sweat.

Clean Your Face With Ultra Botanicals Facial Cleanser

Written by Sher Matsen

Women are chasing down ultra botanicals facial cleanser in droves. Women are pretty darn savvy when it comes to their skin and cosmetics, so they immediately recognized ultra botanicals asrepparttar healthiest facial cleanser onrepparttar 150984 market, withrepparttar 150985 papaya facial cleanser being their all time favorite.

A facial cleanser cleansrepparttar 150986 top layer of skin removing makeup, pore debris, and air pollutants that have attached themselves torepparttar 150987 skin. It also removes dead skin cells and oil, leavingrepparttar 150988 skin with a healthy glow.

A well balanced, gentle cleanser that maintainsrepparttar 150989 skins natural PH, is very important to women. Women insist on skin cleansers that not only clean their skin, but make their skin look healthier and younger. Thatís whyrepparttar 150990 botanical facial cleansers have gained so much popularity. They are mild, they do not destroyrepparttar 150991 skins natural PH, and they replace important nutrients torepparttar 150992 skin. After only a few weeks of use woman are seeing their skin look younger.

Just as their name indicates, these facial cleansers are made from natural products, rich in antioxidants including Vitamin C, and complete with anti aging properties. You will find ingredients such as aloe, coconut, jojoba, papaya, chamomile, orange blossom, yarrow, and even horsetail. No thatís notrepparttar 150993 tail of a horse, but a very powerful antioxidant herb.

Because these botanical cleansers are so gentle, they can be used daily, both morning and night. Evening cleaning is especially important as your face has had an entire day of abuse. Your make up needs to be removed, you need to unclog your pores, and you need to removerepparttar 150994 pollutants that youíve been exposed to during your daily travels. To complete your facial cleansing you should add a botanical astringent which you should use after using your facial cleanser. You should also add a botanical scrub for exfoliating which you can use two or three times a week.

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