Tanning Beds, Should You Purchase One?

Written by Ben Shar

Many people are often taken in with tanning beds. It seems like a great way to get a great tan, right? It is often a little more difficult than this. In fact, for those that do not takerepparttar time to heedrepparttar 147193 warnings, it can be a life threatening aspect as well. It is important to weigh your desire of a tanning bed withrepparttar 147194 cost of one andrepparttar 147195 risk involved. Here are some things to consider.

First of all, it is important for you to takerepparttar 147196 time to know what you want to gain from a tanning bed. Will it provide for you something that you can not get from a salon?

Second,repparttar 147197 cost is a big one. Can you afford to investrepparttar 147198 money into something like this? Is it less expensive or even close torepparttar 147199 cost of weekly tanning visits torepparttar 147200 salon?

Third, consider why you are not going torepparttar 147201 salon instead. What is it that you are trying to gain from owning a tanning bed rather than going to a salon?

Stylize Your Wardrobe: 5 ways to make the most of what you already own

Written by Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson

If you’re anything like Lovergirl, you have a closet jam-packed with clothes of all shapes and sizes, and NOTHING to wear! The very best example of this that I hear of, time after time, is jeans. Twenty-five pairs and none that look “perfect” – a panoramic view of your closet includes “Jeans-From-High-School”, your “Skinny/Normal/Fat Jeans”, and Maternity Jeans…you getrepparttar picture. Here’s Lovergirl’s top five suggestions to makerepparttar 146932 clothes you feel and look GREAT in come torepparttar 146933 forefront ofrepparttar 146934 jumble you call your wardrobe.


Be vicious. Take every single thing out of your closet and put it on. Look at it inrepparttar 146935 mirror, and give your honest, unbiased opinion. If it doesn’t fit, pitch it. I don’t care if you are losing weight…byrepparttar 146936 time you get into it again, it will be out of style, and you will want something new anyway. This could hurt a little, but be brave. Think of it as a psychological exercise in self-actualization…”I will never again fit into these jeans, and that is OK with me”. Say it until you believe it. This isrepparttar 146937 hardest step, and you will feel much better when it’s over.


Say goodbye and good riddance to some of those shopping mistakes…likerepparttar 146938 bright yellow peasant blouse you bought when you were inrepparttar 146939 “cowgirl” stage, and when you bought intorepparttar 146940 “leggings” trend…bad decisions, but hey, you’re human! If you think it still has some life in it, like a long skirt you could shorten torepparttar 146941 oh-so-current mid-length, attempt to alter it…you have nothing to lose. Try donating all usable items in good condition to your local women’s shelter.


The sexy dress you worerepparttar 146942 night you got engaged (hey, it worked, didn’t it!)…the fantastic stilettos you bought onrepparttar 146943 whirlwind NYC shopping trip (you can’t walk in them, but they look so hot!)…the rhinestone belt from Vegas (it’s been aroundrepparttar 146944 block too, ok?!). You are allowed to keep these, and add items to this “special” section of your closet which you deem “worthy” (the first jeans you were able to zip up post-pregnancy do NOT count). To quote a fashion icon, Cynthia Rowley – “A person’s closet is like a scrapbook. When you take something out of it, you think about allrepparttar 146945 good times wearing that item” (as quoted in InStyle, March 2005).

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